Can Meme Coins and the GameFi Sector Bounce Back During These Turbulent Times in Crypto – Rocketize and Axie Infinity

Rocketize Token Presents Another Opportunity for Crypto Traders Who Missed out on SHIB, AXS

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrencies are among the most significant technological advancements of the twenty-first century. They’ve given us access to special features few people believed were conceivable a few years ago. It takes only a few minutes to send digital assets over the globe using cryptocurrencies. It’s essential to keep in mind, though, that every cryptocurrency on the market is unique. Their characteristics are distinctive, and some coins are more avant-garde than others.

The fact that new ventures are successful may depend upon the fact that there is a lot of ambiguity in the crypto field.

Rocketize (JATO) Plans to Rocket to the Top of the Crypto Market

You might find it difficult to comprehend what a cryptocurrency is used for when you hear the name Rocketize; you immediately associate it with something that could be worthwhile. The first thing you should know about Rocketize Token is that it is a meme coin. However, the fact that this cryptocurrency is a meme coin hasn’t stopped it from impacting the market.

Although Rocketize Token is still in its early stages of development, this hasn’t stopped it from exciting cryptocurrency consumers. Because the meme coin will have DeFi features, meme enthusiasts and other cryptocurrency traders want to be a part of the JATO family. Another great thing about this platform is that developers can use Rocketize to promote their businesses while developing smart contracts and decentralised applications.

Moreover, the BNB Smart Chain was used in the design of this project. Users can take advantage of quick transaction times at a reasonable rate because of this. Rocketize will additionally make NFT production easier.

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Axie Infinity (AXS) Giving Gamers the Chance of A Lifetime

Despite the effects of the crypto crisis, the GameFi giant Axie Infinity remains one of the best-performing tokens in 2022. Over the previous week, AXS’s pricing has increased. Millions of people utilise Axie Infinity, one of the most well-liked gaming protocols on the Ethereum blockchain. The game contains pets represented as NFTs, which players must purchase, upgrade, and utilise to battle other players’ avatars.

The Axie Infinity game can utilise many of the advantages of the Ethereum blockchain while relying on a network that is more suited to meet its transactional demands by leveraging its own Ethereum sidechain. Players can earn SLP tokens through playing games, which they can then swap for cash at an exchange.

To Summarise

Global value and interest in the GameFi industry have skyrocketed, making it one of the most lucrative sectors in the blockchain industry. Many brand-new blockchain games and metaverses are now being created. Nevertheless, most of them don’t get much traction even though the GameFi sector draws 800,000 gamers per day, according to a DappRadar report. 

Meme coins and the GameFi sector play a significant role in the cryptocurrency trading environment. Even though the most important coins, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have very little volatility, it makes sense for traders to hunt for chances elsewhere. Meme trading is a dangerous approach to searching out an excessive return, but the upside can be pretty significant when it succeeds. Therefore, even during a bear market, some meme currencies will have substantial gains, even if they are only temporary.

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