Caizcoin Set to Showcase its Services in London at the 5th Annual Worldwide Event of Renowned Blockchain Expo Series

Caizcoin Set to Showcase its Services in London at the 5th Annual Worldwide Event of Renowned Blockchain Expo Series

Caizcoin, the first Islamic compliance cryptocurrency, has announced that it is launching an exhibit at the fifth annual worldwide event scheduled to take place in London. Notably, the London annual event that began on September 6 is set to officially end on September 15, 2021. The annual worldwide event is well known for bringing together a globally recognized Blockchain Expo series.

The last two days of the event are set to take place virtually, where the event will be broadcasted from the famous Business Design Centre. Caizcoin network will be joining other industry leaders including firms in Big Data, AI, Cyber Security and Cloud, IoT among others.

The move to launch an exhibition during the London event is set to help the company sell its services to the global crypto community. Additionally, the firm through the event is bound to make vital market connections that would mean a lot for its future growth prospects.

Notably, Caizcoin prides itself in providing innovative financial solutions to the Islamic population and the entire crypto community free from unhealthy markets.

Besides providing the crypto industry with an Islamic compliant ecosystem, Caizcoin offers an API that enables easy and efficient integration of third-party applications.


There are 999,999,999 units of Caizcoin in circulation. The Caizcoin tokens run on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. By providing smart contracts to the members, the Caizcoin ecosystem anticipates taking over the Islamic financial market by storm in the coming years.

According to market analytics provided through the Caizcoin official website, the Caizcoin token has added almost 1000% since the calendar flipped in January. Notably, the asset traded around $0.30 and is currently exchanging hands around $2.5. 

The Caizcoin ecosystem has its native crypto wallet that adheres to the rules and regulations of Islamic believers. Additionally, the crypto wallet consists of a hyper-secure wallet that ensures maximum security of data and details of tokens. 

Headquartered in Cham, Switzerland, Caizcoin has other global investors offices including one in Moscow, another in Istanbul, Islamabad, Delhi, Cairo, Tatum, and another in Heidelberg Germany.

As the crypto industry continues to grow and get more adopted globally through government regulations, Caizcoin is set to reap more benefits as it provides key crypto services, especially to Islamic believers.