Cadalabs To Launch DEMO NFT Marketplace After The Completion Of Its Token Presale

Cadalabs To Launch DEMO NFT Marketplace After The Completion Of Its Token Presale

Cadalabs, a community-driven NFT DeFi platform that is building an NFT Minting DApp on the Cardano Network has announced the launch of its NFT marketplace which would happen after the completion of its token pre-sale.

The platform offers an easy-to-use user interface that allows Digital Creators, Musicians, artists, and online creators to Mint & trade digital commodities as Non- Fungible Tokens for physically redeemable goods.

The development serves as means to empower the platform for more efficiency as it pushes further in the blockchain world and brings users with exclusive experience with the NFT space. The platform cited this while expressing their delight in the development.

The statement reads;

“We are very thankful for the engagement coming from the community during this phase. And with this NFT market published, Cadalab has moved ahead in the blockchain world and comes closer to the goal of becoming stronger.”


The team behind Cadalabs is seeking to bring the best experience to the community via its NFT marketplace as it believes users will seize the opportunity to experience the NFT world.

In a bid to make the Cadalabs’ token participation available for everyone before it gets on Exchanges, the platform is hosting a pre-sale event for the token. Hence, users can acquire the tokens at lesser rates and earn rewards as well before the launch.

“There will be extra bonus reward for tokens bought at each stage. The Pre-Sale second phase has a bonus of 5% for three days starting from Nov 1 to Nov 3,” the platform noted.

The platform disclosed that it is set to launch its Cadalabs NFT Marketplace by the end of the pre-sale exercise to show the community a working business plan.