Bullish Charge Looming For Cardano (ADA) As Project Implements Key Developments

Cardano (ADA) is the Most Actively Developed Coin in 2018

The Cardano project has made it back in the headlines with the project announcing several development launches and with even more to come over the coming weeks. Recent and upcoming developments in the ecosystem are expected to add value to ADA and this might just give it the boost it needs to rally again. It could even quite possibly acquire back a top ten ranking if its rally is strong. Given the difference between it and tenth ranked Tron is less than $500 million, a top ten ranking remains a huge prospect.

Recent Developments From The Project

The first development has come from the project’s supporting arm Emurgo. Emurgo, which works to support ADA through investing and helping build other projects that adopt Cardano’s blockchain, has recently launched a new website. The new site comes just days after the organization launched a Blockchain Academy in India. These developments from Emurgo may not directly affect ADA but they go to show that it is firmly invested in Cardano and its token. It is a further sign that they are setting up to make bold moves in the coming days and months. This is expected to boost investor confidence.

In March the Cardano project is expected to receive yet another boost in the form of the Cardano Shelley release. Although it already seems like the project will be late in releasing this, the development is vital as the project prepares to become fully decentralized.

Cardano’s development has been over the years been frustratingly slow and this has seen many investors fall out with it. However, this is easily salvageable. If the project can incorporate swift developments over the coming weeks and months, including the Shelley phase, which will allow the project to be fully decentralized, this will see the project attract back investors and possibly see new money come in.

Cardano (ADA) Price Watch

At the time of press, ADA is one of the few coins in the green zone though with marginal gains of less than 1%. This could persist through the weekend given that the crypto leader, Bitcoin, is also posting the same figures and could soon inspire altcoins to rally. ADA remains one of the few coins that boasts of a market cap of over $1 billion, an achievement continues clearly proves that Cardano [ADA] has great potential if the Cardano project can step up in its work.