Budblockz (BLUNT), Elrond (EGLD) and Maker (MKR) looking up after week-long rallies

Budblockz (BLUNT), Elrond (EGLD) and Maker (MKR) looking up after week-long rallies

Three very different cryptocurrencies each started October on a strong note while some of the industry’s biggest names struggled. Cannabis-crypto pioneer BudBlockz (BLUNT) wrapped up another strong phase of its presale, while dApp innovators Elrond (EGLD) and MakerDAO (MKR) each posted percentage gains well into the double digits.

BudBlockz may be the least-known of the three, but that is starting to change. BLUNT sold its entire allotment of tokens well before the end of its private sale, and the first stage of its presale has seen its price rise nearly 19% (60% for those who jumped on the private sale). BudBlockz’s prudent approach attracts adherents to a unique, fast-growing, ever-changing industry. Innovations like a marginal-ownership marketplace put the platform in an ideal position to capture the retail cannabis market’s growth while not getting too far over its skis. BLUNT’s presale continues with a six-week second stage, whose allotment doubles that of stage one, before concluding with an abbreviated third stage running November 21 through December 4.

Elrond built its reputation on security, efficiency, and scalability, and as the clouds begin to lift over cryptocurrency markets, investors are beginning to warm back up to EGLD’s promise. The token posted gains of 15.45% over the last week, showing signs of breaking resistance in the days and weeks. The technical analysis supports this view, as does a steady stream of recent good news, including Opera’s decision to support Elrond in the latest version of its highly anticipated crypto browser.

MakerDAO was among the beneficiaries of Ethereum’s mid-September Merge. It has continued its upward momentum, surging more than 14% over the last seven days while market leader Bitcoin (BTC) struggled to rise more than 2%. MakerDAO’s developers have launched a slew of new initiatives over the past ten days, platform took steps earlier in the week to support its valuation, cutting stability fees to attract more interest and activity to the platform. Major ETH whales hold nearly $50 million in MKR, further reinforcing its near-term prospects and firming up its outlook into 2023.

One week doesn’t make a rally, but BLUNT, EGLD, and MKR appear to be making solid cases for higher valuations while proving their resilience to the headwinds that continue to affect crypto markets.


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Official Website: budblockz.io/

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