BTC365 The Latest Crypto Gaming Platform With A BTC Dividend System

BTC365 The Latest Crypto Casino with A BTC Dividend System

Introducing, the latest crypto casino in the market that promises to revolutionize the casino industry. 

BTC365, Licensed by E-Gambling Montenegro, is an online casino created for all gamers within the cryptocurrency market space.

The casino offers numerous and exciting features, games, and rewards for its players. BTC365 is a dual Sportsbook platform with the best odds covering over 70,000 matches monthly. 

What sets BTC365 apart from others in the industry is that the platform offers a selection of original crypto games such as Crash & High-Low and Dice. In addition, BTC365 offers more than 150 different live table games and allows players to bet at multiple tables simultaneously. The platform also offers over 600 slot games and many other games to suit any player. 

Another unique feature is the BTC365 dividend pool. BTC365 is the first gaming platform to offer BTC dividends.  The dividend pool reportedly allows players to share in the platform earning.  The dividend pool is funded by a portion of the platform’s profits allocated by a certain percentage. These funds will be redistributed to the platers in ETH, mBTC or USDT. One thing to note is that players will receive dividends depending on the amount of BTC365 tokens they have in their wallets. 


The BTC365 token is the native token on the platform. Players can earn more of the BTC365 token by waging various activities on the platform. Notably, users with more BTC365 tokens get a larger share of the dividend pool. 

For deposits, BTC365 accepts Ethereum and USDT in addition to Bitcoin. The platform plans to add support for other cryptocurrencies like Cardano, Dogecoin, and Ripple in the coming days. On the other hand, the platform does not charge any fees for withdrawals.  

BTC365 has other special features, including the VIP System and the Master partner scheme. The VIP System rewards players on BTC365 depending on their ranking on the platform. Through their engagement on the platform, players have promoted the new levels that unlock new ranks. Players who manage to get to the high ranks on the VIP system get to unlock Rank Up bonuses and access free Non-Fungible (NFTs) tokens. Also, VIP players get an opportunity to generate twice as much BTC365 compared to beginners.

The Master Partner Scheme allows players to earn extra income. The master partner scheme is a recurring referral system that allows players to earn a certain percent from players they successfully brought onto the platform. As a result, players can get up to 40% of the revenue generated by their recruited players every month.