BTC $20K in 2 Weeks, $100K This Year If Momentum Stabilizes

Is This Where The Bitcoin Rally Kicks Off? Opinions From The Bigwigs

Popular markets analyst, Simon Peters, in one of his recent statements, believes bitcoin (BTC) price could hit its all-time high within 2 weeks. In addition to that, he also thinks the crypto community should see bitcoin hitting the $100K mark before the end of 2019.

BTC $20K in 2 Weeks, $100K This Year If Momentum Stabilizes
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Though this seems to be a fairly practical target among others who have predicted the price in the past, Peters emphasizes that his statement will only come true if the market maintains its present momentum.

His thoughts on whether there will be a possible correction in the market soon, Peters response was;

“Bitcoin continues to remain on track to close out the first half of the year on a highly positive note. We could see bitcoin reaching $50K or even $100K this year.”

Other Bitcoin Optimists And Their Predictions

Similar to Simon Peters prediction is Naeem Aslam. Aslam is the chief market analyst of ThinkMarkets. Aslam, during a Fox Business interview, revealed that bitcoin’s price will hit anywhere between $60K and $100K. Aslam, nevertheless, do not have a timeframe for his prediction but says it will happen in the next bull run.

John McAfee, the dude with the crystal ball, who have rightly forecasted bitcoin’s price in the past opines that bitcoin will hit $1 million before the end of 2020. McAfee in one of his tweets believes bitcoin is moving faster than when he had made past predictions. So the software engineer/crypto analyst raised the bar of his previous prediction of $500K to $1 million within the earlier mentioned time frame.


Another important analyst worthy of mention would be Anthony Pompliano. Though a long-term prediction, Pomp as he is being referred to believes bitcoin is able to surpass $100K, hitting anywhere between $110,000 to $275,000 in 5 years.