Bridge Champ Inches Closer To Introducing Casual And Competitive Online Bridge Play With Play-to-earn Features

Bridge Champ Inches Closer To Introducing Casual And Competitive Online Bridge Play With Play-to-earn Features

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency continue to play a growing role of importance in various life aspects. Bridging bridge into the online world is a necessity at this time, and Bridge Champ leverages these innovative technologies to make that happen. Substantial progress has been made in recent months, but more work is needed. 

The Online Era Of Bridge

Even though bridge is one of the most popular social games out there today, it does not have a viable online variant. That may seem strange, although bridge has always been a game involving playing with friends, family, or by joining a club. That concept worked fine until the COVID-19 pandemic shut down social activities for two and a half years.

Since then, it has become a lot trickier for people to get together and play bridge. Of course, things have improved globally in recent months, but it has shown the world needs an online platform for those looking to play bridge or learn more about it. Bridge Champ may become that go-to platform, as it embraces blockchain and cryptocurrency to make everything more accessible and rewarding.

The platform will have some exciting features, including introducing a single-player mode. More specifically, newcomers can play bridge with the smallest of learning curves to engage in gameplay right away. In addition, the single-player mode will feature playing against bots to give players an opponent of their level. The team will make more progress on these bots with the help of a bridge expert and a mathematics professor. 

Moreover, the team will offer all major devices online bridge playing opportunities. The web client for Bridge Champ has been up and running for a while, but there will be dedicated mobile applications for Android and iOS. A Bridge Champ version is available in the app stores, and the team will implement more features to bring it on par with the web client. 


Open Beta And Crypto Integration

Users interested in exploring the opportunities of playing bridge online can enter the Bridge Champ open beta. Anyone is welcome to register an account and get first-hand experience with the team’s progress to date. It marks a crucial milestone for this blockchain-based project, but there is more work to do in the months ahead.

One key point of focus is cryptocurrency integration. More specifically, Bridge Champ leverages the Ardor/Ignis platform and aims to integrate with crucial service providers to enable fiat-to-cryptocurrency transfers. Moreover, the ecosystem will feature play-to-earn mechanics – which involve cryptocurrency warranting the development of wallet solutions, hardware wallet support, Secret Sharing, etc. 

Slowly but surely, Bridge Champ gets all the elements in place to start building its community and try to forge collaborations with existing bridge clubs and federations. Furthermore, the Bridge Champ platform should offer all of the intended functionality and features by the end of 2022, ushering in the modern era of playing bridge online.