BOUNTYKINDS Launches Second Public Sale With Numerous Benefits For Early Adopters Ahead Of The Alpha Test Launch

BOUNTYKINDS Launches Second Public Sale With Numerous Benefits For Early Adopters Ahead Of The Alpha Test Launch

BOUNTYKINDS, a Web3 Metaverse game, announced today the launch of its second Public Sale ahead of its upcoming Alpha Test launch in April on the Mainnet.

According to the team, this second public test will be held as a love letter to the BOUNTYKINDS community, who have shown significant support for the project. The Public Sale will be a seven-day event set to start on March 23, 2023, at 9:00 AM UTC  and end on March 29, 2023, at 9:00 AM UTC. During the public sale, participants can access exclusive package deals that consist of special upgraded Character and weapon NFTs. Notably, users who purchase the NFTs at this stage will get numerous benefits, including energy token benefits, special early bird rewards, and more.

The Public sale will offer five NFT packages, including Blue Character Sphere ×3 & Blue Weapon Sphere×3 & 1 α-ticket +100FFE (Energy token), Blue Character Sphere & Blue Weapon Sphere, and Blue Character Sphere & Yellow Weapon Sphere. The last two are Blue Character Sphere & Green Weapon Sphere and Blue Character Sphere ×3.

Created by a team of players, BOUNTYKINDS seeks to improve the gaming experience in the current play-to-earn blockchain gaming industry. The team behind the project introduces the Contribute-to-earn concept that allows players to work with developers to build and modify the game accordingly.

The game is free-to-play and monetized through game mechanics through which players can be together and build an ecosystem they would have never done in the real world. This system is unique to BOUNTYKINDS and is called Contribute-to-Earn (C2E).


BOUNTYKINDS’ mission is to bring people from various cultures, either from the real world or the Metaverse, together and empower them to improve this world.

The game consists of multiple game genres to give players an all-rounded experience. Gamers can find classic board games; fan favourites like role-playing games (RPG), map adventure games,  shooting, and battle royale MOBA games.

In addition, the game has three token systems, namely;

BOUNTYKINDS World DAO ($BKWD), the Forbidden Fruit Energy token ($FFE), and the utility token ($YU). $FFE and $YU are both listed on multiple platforms. These tokens are also available for swapping on PancakeSwap and on the BOUNTYKINDS official website.

Before starting their journey in the game, players must get two main elements: the Alpha Ticket and the Character Sphere. The Alpha ticket acts like a key to the game. Players without this key must wait for the Beta phase or the official game release. Additionally, without the Alpha ticket, a player cannot use their Character NFTs. The Character sphere is a GACHA (wormhole) item NFT designed specifically for the BOUNTYKINDS universe. The spheres come in different colours, each determining the rarity of the NFT that will come from it.