Blockchain Website Releases Powerful Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Tool Gunbot

Blockchain Website Releases Powerful Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Tool Gunbot
Advertisement, a blockchain trading software trading company is promoting a very powerful automated trading tool called Gunbot. The trading tool, according to the company is compatible with 14 exchanges and features 15 Built-in Trading Strategies.

A Powerful Trading tool

Ever since the launch of the Gubot trading community in just three years, it has succeeded in having more than 10,000 active users, with positive reviews. The community currently boasts of well over 3000 Telegram group traders, all actively using the revolutionary trading tool.

For the inquisitive mind, who might be asking the question, what is Gunbot?

Gunbot is a unique trading automation software for the cryptocurrency community. The trading automation software, which is also known as a crypto trading bot in some quarters can currently trade with the following markets, Bittrex, Bitmex, Poloniex, Binance, Kraken,  Bitfinex, Kucoin, Huobi and Coinbase Pro (GDAX).


To further improve its services and expand its reach, the Gunbot development team is working round the clock to add yet another 130 exchange market, which is also besides other integrations, trading strategies, and user-requested features.

Gunbot is equally packed with 15 trading buy/sell strategies for both spot-trading and also margin trading.

These strategies are not rigid, so it can be constantly tweaked and mixed, thereby giving the trader the complete control over the trading rules that are governing his strategy.

The merit of the Gunbot Platform

While other platforms like the manual trading platform sleep and rests, Gunbot is working all around the day, calculating and trading based on the user’s settings.

New information, tactics, ideas or a piece of information can trigger the trader to tweak and change its settings and all changes will be done on the spot.

One of the advantages of the automation is keeping guard on a market for new information and opportunities, but its usefulness extends beyond that, as it also allows the trader to trade a large number of coin-pairs on several exchanges at the same time.

How Gunbot Works

The settings of Gunbot entirely depends on the configuration of the user, who can tweak it to soothe his/her own narration.

The trader is the alpha and omega and is at liberty to choose the coin-pair to trade, and on what exchange. The trader is also given a variety to choose from, when choosing a Buy and Sell strategy.

All it requires is downloading and installing to suitable devices and will be up and running in a few minutes, after the necessary settings.

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