Blockchain Game Bird World Successfully Completes Its IDO

Blockchain Game Bird World Successfully Completes Its IDO

Today, I’d like to tell you about Bird World. It just completed its IDO a few days ago which caught my attention. Currently, the game has attracted 17,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 5,000 on Telegram. The game is currently in the development and testing stage and will be released soon.

Blockchain Game Bird World Successfully Completes Its IDO

Bird World is a BSC-based (BNB Chain now) decentralized AVG game built by the top technical teams of several countries including Blizzard, integrating blockchain, DeFi, GameFi, metaverse, DAO, and other technologies and concepts. Users can not only enjoy a wonderful and rich game experience but also earn money through playing the game.

As always, let’s start with some essential information:

LAB: Main game coin, the core governance token used in the Bird World ecosystem, can be used to buy or sell an NFT.

Total Supply: 400 million


IDO: 48 million (12%)

Seed Investors: 24 million (6%)

Team & Advisor: 80 million(20%)

Incentives: 140 (35% )

Community & Marketing: 72 million (18%)

Liquidity: 36 million (9%)

LAN: Another game coin, users can earn LAN by completing main/side quests and PVP battles.

Characters: There are currently four races, divided into five classes, and two new characters will be added later.

Blockchain Game Bird World Successfully Completes Its IDO

With all this information in mind, now let’s see what’s the gameplay design.

Blockchain Game Bird World Successfully Completes Its IDO

Enriched main/ side quests

Each area map is a separate chapter, and each chapter will have a new character in the main city as one of the users, monsters, or NPCs.

Side Quests

Sailing Treasure Hunting: each voyage will have a different route and fun. Choose a different sailing route, through different hazards and exploration, and finally lead to all the pirates’ dream of treasure.

Elemental Lighthouse & Western Secret: Players can experience new plot content and challenge difficult bounty orders through the Western Secret to get high rewards. Elemental Lighthouse is a traditional card game of climbing towers, challenging difficult lighthouses to obtain high rewards. The stronger the ability, the higher the reward.

PVP Task System

Peak competition: Players and players PK each other and win to get equipment, gems, and tokens. Defeat the strongest competitors with the most interesting combination of strategies. Whether it’s one team or three, the arena is full of games of strategy and strength. Take or hold the position and you are the competition winner.

Forging System

Props to raise, you can upgrade cold weapons and fire gas to improve the output to increase the strength of the character.

Social System

The main city adds the character display that is collected by the players, there will be an interaction between the characters, more rich egg content.

Each player can join any main cities that they want.

FOMO Bid Competition System

Individual, team, and guild tournaments are regularly introduced to increase player motivation and rich native token LAB rewards.

The honor of the ranking list hits the eyes of adventurous players and keeps increasing the amount of PVP bounty.






Different from the low operability of the existing GameFi blockchain games, Bird World attaches great importance to the combination of operability and guild mechanics, making it highly playable. At present, I am quite optimistic about this game. Firstly, it has won investment from well-known institutions. Secondly, there is high playability in the game. Last but not least, because the game has not been launched yet, I’ll share the rules and guides later. Stay tuned guys!