Blockchain-Based Global Telecoms Company, Miracle Tele’s​ ​Token Sale Ends 15th May 2019, with Exchange Listings to Follow

Miracle Tele Blockchain-Based Global Telecoms Company Gets Listed on Various Exchanges

Miracle Tele, the distributed ledger technology-powered telecoms company will be listed on top crypto exchanges by the end of May 2019 and the token sale event is slated to come to an end on the 15th of this month.

The revolutionary Miracle Tele platform went live in 2018, with a functional product and massive plans to disrupt the telecoms ecosystem.

The platform has hit the ground running, building a large community of supporters and users. It’s worth noting that the Miracle Tele crowdsale has raised over $15,500,000.

The Roadmap

If everything goes as planned, the Miracle Tele project plans to launch its own blockchain network by next year and integrate it with IoT, in order to be able to serve smart cities and beyond.

Since the launch of its ICO nearly a year ago, the platform has been running quite smoothly, achieving sustainable growth and selling more than 50 million TELE tokens. With the tokens set to get listed on exchanges shortly, now is the last chance for investors to purchase the tokens.


A Formidable Team

The Miracle Tele platform is powered by a team of dedicated professionals who have been fueling the growth of the platform at the background and the project recently engaged the services of CMO, Zia Word, who built and sold the Chozun blockchain-based travel ecosystem in China.

Zia works alongside the CEO of Miracle Tele, Andrew Burciks, who majored in Political science at the University of Latvia and has been helping various companies in the region to integrate blockchain technology into their processes.

Another great member of the team is CTO Aleksandar Djordjevic, who is a staunch crypto enthusiast and “under 30 CTO and Entrepreneur.”

Sagar Bansal, an IBM certified blockchain expert functions as the CCO of the team. He has worked on more than 5 ICOs so far.

Token Information

All TELE token holders will receive 40 percent of Miracle Tele’s profits every two weeks and the early birds have already started reaping the rewards.

The rewards get paid in euros and token holders have the choice to stack heir tokens for more rewards or trade it on exchanges.

Miracle Tele employs the proof-of-stake consensus, which makes it easier for token holders to earn on their staked tokens.

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