Blackstone500 – A Reputable Broker For Crypto CFD Trading

Blackstone500 – A Reputable Broker For Crypto CFD Trading

Blackstone500 is one of the new brokers that have made quite a name among traders from many countries of the world. When you have traders from different countries admiring you as a broker, you have to be doing something right. However, just a few words of admiration should not be enough for any trader to sign up with a broker. When you are researching online brokers, you should investigate all the important details and sign up with the broker when you think you have found out everything. You see, just because a broker offers great leverages does not mean it will offer you the security of funds as well. 

Don’t forget that the difference between a legitimate and a scamming broker is only of regulation at times. So, it is imperative to pay attention to every small detail when you are signing up with an online broker. That’s what this Blackstone500 examination is all about. If you have heard a lot about this broker and are thinking about signing up with it, you should definitely read this article to the end. By the end of this study, you will know each and everything there is to know about Blackstone500. Based on that, you can make the first right decision of your trading career and make many other right moves later on, hopefully. 

Blackstone500 Analysis

  • Unique and Practical Trading Platform

It does not matter how good the online broker is or how long it has been in business for, you will usually only get the old and traditional trading platforms for trading. In most cases, online brokers like to give you access to the MetaTrader 4 platform. You will be surprised to know that many online brokers who have their own trading platforms still give you access to the MT4 trading platform. They don’t seem to be confident at what they are doing so they go with a trading platform that they know is going to be the right decision. On the other hand, you have only a few brokers who take the bold step of going with a unique trading platform.

You have to give props to this broker for going with a new trading platform that you will not hear about on any other broker’s website. So, the trading platform you will use with this broker is Active8. It is an amazing trading platform without a doubt when you look at the features it has. First of all, every indicator, tool, and helpful material that you need for trading successfully is already there on the trading platform. Of course, it does not seem like something special when you have a trading platform with market charts on it. Every trading platform has those. 

However, what you will find different with this broker’s trading platform is that you can have many different types of charts. Keep in mind that each chart in the financial markets is designed for a different purpose. While some charts show you the price of the asset at any given moment, there are charts that are focused on showing you the volume of trading. If you know something about fundamental and technical analysis, you will know the importance of these charts. In addition to that, you will get all the important financial news right on your trading platform. That’s how you get help with your fundamental analysis. 


The trading platform from the broker has been designed with new traders in mind. You can’t stick to a desktop computer for all day just to trade. You have other things to do and you should be able to do them while trading. That’s why the broker has designed the smartphone variants of its software. Yes, you will be able to use the trading platform on your smartphone as well. You have iPhone and Android phone version of the software available on App Store and Play Store respectively. With the two versions, you should not have any issues operating the software and trading platform on your device. 

Since you will be on the same trading platform whether you trade on your desktop or smartphone, you will have a uniform trading experience as well. In short, the broker is thinking intelligently when designing its features for new and modern traders. 

  • Asset Index That Covers Everything 

The asset index is the most important thing you have to look at before you sign up with an online broker. Why do you have to look at the asset index? Well, this is where you get to know about the markets you will be able to access with the broker. This is what shows you how much reach the broker you have signed up with has. You will be surprised to know that this broker has given you access to tens of markets around the world through the same trading platform. You have many assets belonging to a variety of asset classes, so you can find something that suits your trading style. 

Now, if you are looking for something reliable and something that you can easily find information about, you should go with famous currency pairs. These are the currency pairs that involve currencies like the USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, etc. When you trade these pairs, you can always expect some level of certainty. You know these currencies belong to the best countries of the world. Their currencies move up and down a lot but the movements are not so big that you lose all your money. However, if you are an adventurous trader who wants to explore new possibilities and is not afraid of taking risks, you can go with some risky currency pairs as well.

In short, you will find all types of currency pairs when you sign up with Blackstone500. The broker gives you access to exotic, minor, and major currency pairs from the comfort of your home and the same amazing trading platform. Now, if you are interested in something more tangible and different, you can go with commodities as well. The most amazing type of trading is to put your investment in precious metals. And yes, you will be able to trade precious metals with the broker. If you want to trade platinum, gold, silver, and other precious metals, you have reached the destination. 

You can also trade other commodities like energies when you are with Blackstone500. The broker has made sure that you get access to all the amazing assets from around the world without leaving the trading platform. 

Are you interested in trading shares from the best companies of the world? You have some huge companies that have their shares being traded on the stock market all the time. The best thing is that you will find a lot of information about these companies on the internet. So, if you are someone who is interested in fundamental analysis before trading a share, you should definitely consider trading the shares of these big companies. We are talking about Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Coca Cola, Apple, etc. These companies have a lot of information about them available on the internet. 

From that information, you can always predict where the company is standing right now and where it will be going in the coming year. If you are good at those speculations, you can definitely make a lot of money through indices trading. Yes, you have many indices that you can trade with this broker. The good thing is that these indices come not only from the US but from many other parts of the world as well. 

Last but not least, you have to know at that this broker will give you access to the cryptocurrency market as well. You can enjoy some great cryptocurrency trading with the broker because you will be getting leverages on your trades. You can trade a variety of crypto assets when you are with Blackstone500. On the other hand, most other brokers on the internet will give you access to only Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is no doubt that these are the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world right now but it does not mean that they are always a great investment for new and experienced traders. 

If you are interested in trying your trading skills in the cryptocurrency market, you should consider signing up with this broker. You will be able to trade Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash when you are with this broker. Of course, you can trade Ethereum and Bitcoin as well. 

  • Trading Accounts That Suit You 

It is usually hard to find a broker who understands how to design the trading accounts. This is something you will understand when you have seen a lot of online brokers. Now, you will find many brokers that have up to 5, 6, or even 7 different account types for you to choose from. They always tell you that they want the best for you and that’s why they have designed these many accounts. However, you will usually find yourself confused when you have so many different account types in front of you. What makes matter worse is that there is not much different in the two accounts that are adjacent to each other in the tiers. 

On the other hand, you have Blackstone500 that has designed its trading accounts intelligently for every trader without blowing out of proportions. You have only three different accounts types and you should be able to easily choose one that goes well with your trading style. If you are new and on a budget, you should consider the silver account. If you think you have passed the age of being a new trader and now understand a few concepts of trading, you should go with the bold account. Lastly, you have the VIP account, which suits only the most experienced and recognized traders in the market. 

The good thing about having only three accounts is that you will see a lot of difference among them. For example, when you jump from the most basic account to the bold account, you will notice a huge difference in features and offerings from the broker. Take the example of the spreads that you will facing when you sign up with the basic account and the bold account. With the silver account (the basic account) your spreads are at 1.3 pips. On the other hand, when you go with the bold account, the spread is 1.5 pips. That might seem large, but you have to know that there is a senior account analyst included with the bold account, which is not there with the basic account. 

If you go with the VIP account, things change completely. You get everything that you need as a trader with some special treatment. For example, the spread with the VIP account is only 0.1 pips. That’s almost approaching zero. You can say that with select assets, you can walk away with every penny that you make as a profit, virtually. 

You also have to admire the broker for providing you with some great leverages with every account. You can get maximum leverage of 1:30 when you sign up with this broker. The best thing is that this leverage is the same for every trader. Whether you are a new trader or someone who has been trading for decades, you will get 1:30 leverage on your trades. It might seem small but you do some basic calculation, you will realize that it is huge. Just think about a trade in which you are thinking about investing around $500. Think about the size of your trade when the broker comes in with the 1:30 leverage ratio. 

  • Safety in All Forms

Do you feel safe when you sign up with this broker? Is safety really that important for new traders? Well, the reality is that safety is important for every trader in the market. Whether you are new to trading or someone who knows trading like the back of their hand, you should consider the safety factor from every angle before you sign up with an online broker. So, where does the matter of safety start when you sign up with a broker? The first piece of information that you provide to the broker is when you start filling out the online form to sign up with the broker. 

You have to give your personal information before you even activate an account. Is the broker going to protect this information or someone from some other company going to get access to this information without your consent? Is the information safe with the broker or someone with basic hacking skills can steal it from the broker you have signed up with? You will not have to worry about those factors when you sign up with Blackstone500. This broker has the best security protocols in place to protect your information from the intruders, invaders, hackers, and any unauthorized parties. 

So, as soon as you provide any information on the website of the broker, it will be encrypted using the highest encryption standards in place in the industry right now. In addition to that, the broker has vowed to let its trading platform being used by only legitimate entities. When you look at the website of the broker, you will realize that it has anti-money laundering policies in place. If there is a money launderer in the world who is thinking about signing up with Blackstone500, they can’t do it because of the anti-money laundering policies in place. 

In addition to that, the broker has KYC policies in place too. You will have to provide your personal information to identify yourself to the broker before you sign up under this policy. What’s the benefit of doing that? Well, it will be your personal information and it will be attached with your account. Next time someone tries to sign up on the trading platform using your stolen information, they won’t be able to do it. Last but not least, the broker keeps all your deposits in separate accounts. That’s the standard of the industry and Blackstone500 follows it well.

  • New Trader Friendly Features

In the end, we have to focus on the features that are specifically suited to new traders. In fact, new traders are the hottest market right now and so brokers have to think about capturing this market through features that address them directly. So, are there any features that you can say are suited specifically to new traders? Yes, there are many features that show you that the broker is serious about giving new traders a chance to trade and try their skills to make money. First, you have to look at the different account types from the broker. 

If you look at the basic account, the only amount you need in order to activate this account is $250. That’s a very small amount, you can see that. Even if you are a student, you can save that amount within a few months. You can then use that money to trade and make more money if you take the right steps at the right times. In addition to that, you have leverages of 1:30 available to all the traders. What it means is that even a trader with the VIP account will have only a maximum of 1:30 leverage. In other words, the leverage you get with your basic account with the broker is the same that a VIP account holder has. 

Also, if you notice, you will see that the spread for the basic account is tighter than the spread for the advanced account. It means the broker wants people on a budget and new traders to sign up on its trading platform. Last but not least, you have a personal account manager included with even the most basic account. That’s something most brokers offer you only when you sign up with an advanced account and spend a lot of money. 

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that some of the features stated above make this broker one of the best out there. However, in addition to registration, the broker should also pay attention to regulation, which is the most important and first thing most traders check before they sign up with an online broker. The asset index, the trading platform, and the spreads – no doubt they are a strong point for the broker. However, the broker should also focus on some training material to train its traders before they start spending their real money on Active8. With all this information, it is not up to you to sign up with the broker or pick some other based on your personal research. 

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