BitTok’s New Ecology Catches the Eye and Ignites Consensus: Distributed

BitTok's New Ecology Catches the Eye and Ignites Consensus: Distributed

Affected by COVID-19, the annual blockchain technology summit Consensus is held online from 11th to 15th May EDT. Consensus is hosted by the top blockchain media Coindesk. Since it was first held in 2015, it has become an annual conference for blockchain practitioners worldwide. Although affected by COVID-19, the enthusiasm of participants is even higher than in previous years. As a cutting-edge digital asset trading platform, BitTok talked with many industry giants such as IBM and KPMG at this conference. Its new ecology catches the eye, and ignites Consensus: Distributed. 

Gathering industry leaders, BitTok is one of them

The speakers and sponsors of Consensus: Distributed are world-class experts and companies. More than 60 speakers are present, including Kevin Werbach, an associate professor from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Carlota Perez, a Venezuelan economic theorist, and Chris Burniske, a partner of Placeholder, a cryptocurrency venture capital firm. Furthermore, the Consensus: Distributed was supported by more than 90 companies.

As the leading digital asset trading platform, BitTok was also invited to attend this conference as a sponsor. BitTok exchange has developed rapidly since its establishment in May 2019, and has created an efficient, transparent, fair, and win-win digital asset trading ecosystem in one year, providing users with safe, convenient, professional, fast and high-quality digital asset financial services.

The performance of BitTok is outstanding and recognized

At Consensus: Distributed, the BitTok team talked with giants from various industries. During the conference, BitTok team introduced their digital asset trading platform in detail and shared the vision and innovation of the platform. They also conducted in-depth communication and discussion on the future development of the combination of blockchain and asset management. 

J.D. Salbego, CEO of BitTok said, “As blockchain technology has become more and more prominent in reducing trust costs and user incentives, the digital asset market will come to a new level in the future, and the enthusiasm for digital asset trading will further promote the development of exchanges. BitTok provides users with excellent services and guarantees, which can help global users achieve wealth growth and realize users value. ” In this regard, frontiers in various industries have expressed their recognition, and expressed great optimism about the prospects of BitTok. What is more, many institutions expressed their recognition of BitTok’s innovation in asset management and looked forward to further exploration and cooperation. 


BitTok follows the frontier and draws attention from all parties

During the Consensus: Distributed online summit, the BitTok online booth received more than 1,000 visits. While demonstrating the platform, the team conducted in-depth conversations with cutting-edge people in the industry to grasp the latest information and needs in the market. In the context of the implementation of the cryptocurrency payment system by central banks in various countries, BitTok first proposed the advantages of distributed storage in the currency payment system, gave solutions to the traditional currency system, and perfectly connected cryptocurrency payment and digital asset trading. At present, BitTok has seized the opportunities in this field. From the perspective of its technology research & development and market campaigns, this advantage will continue to be strengthened and consolidated.

Gathering at Consensus: Distributed, BitTok looks forward to the future 

Consensus: Distributed provides an opportunity to communicate with outstanding blockchain practitioners around the world. For BitTok, it is a further exploration of its global market development strategy. In the future, BitTok will continue to follow the frontier and continue to improve its financial products system. On the one hand, more value-added projects such as high-quality assets and products will be launched to ensure the growth of users’ wealth; on the other hand, BitTok will continue to improve the trading ecosystem to help users realize the complete cycle of “discovery-experience-share”.

The BitTok team is committed to building the platform into an efficient, transparent, fair, and win-win digital asset trading platform, providing global users with safe, convenient, professional, fast and high-quality digital asset financial services.