Bitrue Exchange is Leading the Way with Crypto Investment Support!

Bitrue Exchange is Leading the Way with Crypto Investment Support!

Bitrue is Singapore-based digital asset management that offers some of the best investment rates for top cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, XRP, ETH, and more.

Founded in 2018, Bitrue seeks to empower crypto investors to take back control of their finances. In the current bear market, crypto investors are searching for opportunities to earn passive income on their holdings. Bitrue has emerged as a leading platform for investment support and continues to implement strong use cases for its native Bitrue Coin (BRT) that will reflect in the price. 

The exchange has seen an explosion in assets held by Bitruers over the past few months as more users join the platform. The daily trading volumes on the Bitrue have also seen rapid growth and now stand at $3,071,870, per data from coinmarketcap. 

The Power Piggy Investment Product! 

Power Piggy is Bitrue’s most popular investment feature that allows users to invest their coins and generate lucrative passive earning streams. The investment service currently offers high-interest rates on a wide range of cryptocurrencies such as DOGE, SAFEMOON, SHIB, SOL,

HBAR, and stablecoins USDC and USDT. These new offerings join old favorites such as BTC, XRP, and ETH that have been supported on Bitrue for years. 


Power Piggy currently supports close to 50 coins and plans to add more digital assets voted for by the community on the Bitrue official Twitter page. The earn product is the best in the crypto space in offering the highest passive income on such a wide variety of trending digital currencies. 

For interested crypto users looking to earn APRs as high as 12% on their crypto assets during the current bear market, caps for all supported coins open at 16:00 UTC daily. Users can earn even more (up to 15% APR) via the VIP cap by leveraging the platform’s native token BTR. 

Each BTR a user holds entitles him to invest the equivalent of $0.2 USDT in their preferred coin. Users can also invest BTR to increase their interest, making the native currency a truly wise investment. 

Flexible investments don’t have a lockup period or penalties for unfreezing your holdings. Bitrue pays out interest every day at 16:00 UTC. Compared to most banks that offer APRs of less than 1%, Bitrue stands out as the best place to earn passive income amid a struggling global economy. 

Bitrue Implements Changes to Power Piggy 

Bitrue recently implemented several changes to its Piggy Power product to offer greater advantages to BTR investors and maximize the native token’s adoption. The first change involved removing the Power Piggy community cap system, which often proved frustrating and difficult for users to understand.

The primary way to invest in Bitrue now is to hold BTR so as to unlock the VIP cap feature, which has been streamlined to be more straightforward for users. Investors need to hold BTR for only one full day to open the VIP cap, rather than the previous 7-14 days. Each BTR entitles a user to invest the equivalent of $1 USDT in any coin they prefer. 

Another important change focuses on supporting Bitrue Coin by incentivizing users to hold long-term. Consequently, to this end, the Bitrue team decided to recalibrate the boost percentage issued by BTR and simultaneously cut the base rate that non-BTR holders get. The team also designed an introductory cap equivalent to $2K offered to newly registered accounts to attract new users to Bitrue. 

A Full Range of Crypto Investment Opportunities 

Since its launch in 2018, Bitrue has been known as the leading exchange for XRP holders. In April, XRP traded to multi-year highs on the exchange as the embattled coin’s value surged following Ripple Lab’s legal victory against the US SEC. 

Besides the new wave of supported meme coins (SAFEMOON, DOGE, and SHIBA INU) and smart contract sector tokens (DOT, KSM, ADA, SOL, and HBAR), Bitrue also supports multiple bluechip DeFi tokens including UNI, CAKE, LUNA, BANANA, MIR and more. These DeFi coins give investors on the Singapore-based exchange staggering rates of up to 80% APR.