“Bitcoin will go a lot higher” says Suspected Satoshi Nakamoto who has made several Accurate Predictions

“Bitcoin will go a lot higher” says Suspected Satoshi Nakamoto who has made several Accurate Predictions

A man who has made several accurate predictions concerning the fate of Bitcoin has appeared again on Youtube saying Bitcoin will surge a lot higher than its current price.

The man simply identified as “davincij15” on Youtube said Bitcoin is a reliable crypto asset that has a bright future and anyone saying Bitcoin will go down to zero does not understand how the ledger works. With the properties of checking double spends and a decentralized network, the Bitcoin network cannot crash to zero as no one can cheat in such a system, he said.

He also predicted that the asset may experience a surge of up to $7,000 or more but will still crash again to a much lower price than is currently being experienced. Speaking on volatility which many uses as an excuse to discredit Bitcoin, davincij15 said all currencies are volatile to an extent and Bitcoin’s higher volatility only shows that it is at a stage of maturity which will pass away with time.

He also said the cryptocurrency can be used to buy goods and services despite the current volatility if users can monitor the price and use their Bitcoin when the price appreciates above their buying price.

The man has made several accurate predictions in the past. These include the 2018 crash following the all-time high price of December 2017, warning investors not to buy the asset at that price due to the imminent crash that would follow.


He also predicted the Mt Gox exchange crash warning investors to pull out of the exchange prior to the hack that made it bankrupt in 2014.

Because of these accurate predictions about Bitcoin, some members of the crypto community believe him to be Satoshi Nakamoto and his words should be taken seriously. A Reddit user EL_TATICH said:

Well, last week he said that Bitcoin will go a lot higher, so fuck it, I’m selling my car and maxing out my credit cards right now! Wish me luck.”

Many experts have made several predictions about Bitcoin, some bullish and some bearish. However, not many of these predictions have come to pass but davincij15’s predictions have always come to pass.

Should the crypto community take this as a promise of hope for the market and use it as a yardstick for determining when to invest and when not to? Another question that many people are asking is when do we expect the next bull run?