Bitcoin Volatility at all Time Low. Sign of Good Fortune?

Bitcoin's Chances for Returning to $4000 is still highly Certain, Despite Market loss of $3 Billion in Market Cap

Bitcoin has been through a lot since the launch in 2009. The most notable of the events in Bitcoin history is the phenomenal crash in 2018 which the asset hasn’t recovered from yet. However, there are indications that the cryptocurrency may be gearing up for something big.

Although the major problem that has kept potential investors away and a critical reason for the delayed SEC ETF approval has been volatility, the latest data from Dow Jones shows that volatility has reduced to its all-time low. The data reveals a tight trading range of 7.8% for Bitcoin in the month of March 2019 which is significantly smaller than the narrowest range since 2017 at 21.2%.

A cryptocurrency analyst Murad Mahmodov wrote to MarketWatch about the declining volatility of Bitcoin.

“Volatility is in itself a neutral signal. Historically however, low-volatility periods in BTC have always preceded prolonged bull runs, especially after capitulation moments of high momentum as seen in November and December,” he said.

Volatility is the rapid changes recorded in the price or value of an asset. This phenomenon characterizes the cryptocurrency market in general with prices changing so rapidly that sometimes the market may lose $6 billion in less than 24 hours. This has been the major challenge facing crypto adoption for everyday payments.

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Although the decline in volatility indicates a potential bull run for Bitcoin based on history, it may not last, according to Marty Bent, host of Tales from the Crypt who is pessimistic about its persistence. He, however, believes the maturity of the market through lasting price stability is possible and will become a reality one day.

The solution to market volatility for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is not a sudden thing as many experts have said. Many have also said an ETF for Bitcoin will not be coming anytime soon because the market needs to mature and ten years isn’t enough time for that.

The cryptocurrency community and market is looking forward to the day when Bitcoin will be stable enough to be used like the U.S Dollar though. For now, what is the fate of Bitcoin in the short run? Should the community expect a bull run as a result of the short volatility low?