Bitcoin Skyrockets Over $4150 as Ethereum, EOS, XRP, XLM and Ontology (ONT) sees Massive Increase In Price

Bitcoin Skyrockets Over $4150 as Ethereum, EOS, XRP, XLM and Ontology (ONT) sees Massive Increase In Price

The Crypto Market is Taking a Bullish path as all Cryptocurrencies in the top 20 are all in green and not showing signs of retreat, The Entire Crypto market cap is now at over $140 Billion which is the highest since the start of the year.



Bitcoin Had a quick surge from the $3,950 price region to the current $4,200 over the last few hours and has been maintaining a bullish momentum, An analyst has said that Bitcoin could be leaving the bear market if history rhymes and BTC moves above $4,500.

The Bulls have been controlling the market since last week and didn’t give room for the bears to kick in, Bitcoin has gained major prominence in the last few days, with the news of Samsung adding a built-in Crypto wallet feature in the S10, as well as Elon Musk and Ceo of Twitter Jack Dorsey, Vouching for Bitcoin to take on fiat in the future, These Bullish events has led to more massive adoption as Millions will be exposed to Bitcoin via the Samsung’s latest crypto-wallet supporting phone.

Meanwhile, the Price of Ethereum, EOS, XRP, XLM, and Ontology have also surged, Ethereum is up over 12% after battling to break out of the $140 Price Point, ETH has successfully hit over $160 at Press time.

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Currently Up Over 11%, EOS Might be hitting the $5 Price mark any moment from now as it has been gaining more solid grounds, EOS has seen major developments like the unforeseen migration of from NEO to the EOS Platform.


XRP, XLM, and Ontology Are Currently up 5.49%, 5.43%, and 19.62% respectively, Ontology has successfully hit the $1 Mark after surging up over 20% in the last 24 hours.

XRP has been struggling to get out of the $0.3 Price region And seems to be heading for more gains as its price also moved from $0.31 to over $0.34, Its major competitor XLM has also recorded an impressive rally, now at $0.095280.

Is this the start of something great? where is the market headed? Let me know what you think in the comments below.