BitCherry Invests $10M in its Distributed Ecological Fund

BitCherry Invests $10M in its Distributed Ecological Fund

BitCherry, a commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology, has invested $10 million in its ‘BitCherry Distributed Ecological Fund’. Notably, BitCherry protocol has built a scalable infrastructure that meets commercial applications. Besides, the protocol provides a high performance, secure, available underlying public chain support for distributed commerce on the chain.

The $10 million ecological funds launched by BitCherry are expected to be used to develop further infrastructure that helps the blockchain technology grow and get easily adopted by institutional investors.

Thanks to the continued research by BitCherry developers, some of the blockchain hindrances have been identified. Consequently, developers can put more focus on fine-tuning the blockchain technology to ensure adoption gets to the global scale. “Issues such as low performance, expensive resources, restricted applications on the chain, and limited development space have restricted the integration and development of the blockchain industry and physical commerce,” BitCherry noted in a statement through the press release.

Traditional blockchains including Bitcoin and Ethereum that have been adopted massively by the global community are experiencing some level of bottleneck, particularly in scalability. The BitCherry developers who have years of experience especially in the internet industry have been working closely with other public blockchains to offer long-lasting solutions.

Notably, BitCherry developers built the P2Plus protocol with the thought of scaling it further in the future. The protocol’s work is put in a lower IP layer and the data link layer. The primary purpose of the protocol is to significantly improve data security and also on the scalability issue.

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“The point-to-point private key encryption technology used by P2Plus guarantees node privacy and data security more effectively,” the BitCherry team explains through its official website.

Through the $10 million BitCherry ecological funds, public blockchain projects can further expect to benefit in various ways including technical support among other resources.

“BitCherry distributed ecological fund also selected for quality projects/teams to provide financial support, technical support for the full range of support, fund, strategy development, resources, docking, team culture and so on,” the company indicated.

BitCherry anticipates your work with all blockchain projects that are goal-oriented with priority given to those that have already integrated with the BitCherry protocol. Notably, several blockchain projects that are running on the Ethereum ecosystem have already integrated with the BitCherry protocol, thus guaranteeing confidence in other blockchain protocols to work together with BitCherry developers.

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