Bit Trade: Security and Feedback on the Use of the Exchange of Digital Assets

Bit Trade: Security and Feedback on the Use of the Exchange of Digital Assets

This report is dedicated to a series of features of the Bit Trade platform: security and guaranteed integrity of transactions are foremost among them. The project is aimed at creating tools for the new digital economy based on contributing, as well as at providing users with a convenient and comprehensible work environment for trading and investment.

To get started, you should register in the Bit Trade platform, which involves a compulsory procedure of identity verification. This step is intended to reduce fraud risks. Therefore, all users can feel confident that their investments will be reliably protected. To that end, numerous parameters of security are monitored, and the protection level is one of the best on the Bit Trade exchange compared to the leading cryptocurrency platforms.

Security of users’ funds

Most of the largest trading platforms have been hacked at least once. Therefore, developers of platforms do their best to protect funds of traders, and Simcord (a developer of Bit Trade) has achieved great success in it. For sure, any project, including the Bit Trade exchange of digital assets, keeps details on protection mechanisms secret. However, there are some facts, which show a serious approach of the company to the security issues:

Bit Trade: Security and Feedback on the Use of the Exchange of Digital Assets

The structure of the blockchain project and the use of enhanced encryption protocols for protection of additional sensitive data allow stating that attacks on transactions are doomed to failure.


Compliance with strict rules of digital security, regular audits and test of security systems allow improving the platform and revealing potential vulnerabilities in a timely manner.
All employees of the company go through a strict verification procedure and sign legally binding agreements.

Numerous algorithms of encryption and secure data storage follow the process of user authorization. However, to completely eliminate third-party access to an account, a user can set up two-factor authentication.

Protection of personal data

Since verification is a compulsory step, the company pays particular attention to the security of users’ personal data. Isolated storage of provided scanned copies and databases in an encrypted form will protect them from hacker access.

Updates and security policy

Releases and updates that are not properly prepared become the basis of hacker attacks on numerous exchanges. On the Bit Trade exchange, updates are executed in accordance with strict rules, and all releases are properly tested before they become part of the main operating trading platform.


To complete the feedback on Bit Trade, security is far from the only advantage of the exchange. Prospects of investing in the real sector of the economy are attractive in this project; trading in the fast and complete trading platform is available.

The exchange is progressing and new interesting functionalities are gradually added.

Interested traders should read feedback from other users in order to make sure that integrity and guarantee distinguish this project from others.

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