Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger Says EOS Is ‘Centralized In the Hands Of the Chinese’

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In a tweet on August 22, 2019, Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia and CIO of Everipedia said ‘we cannot keep on developing decentralized applications (dApps) on the EOS blockchain if it remains centralized’. In Sanger’s opinion, the network is currently being centralized in the hands of the Chinese, which could make it challenging to build dApps.

Sanger Comments on the Growing Centralization on EOS 

Larry Sanger recently spoke about the growing concern in electing block producers on the EOS network. The concern centers on how the Chinese have more control in determining EOS 21-block producers. Accusations have also been ongoing that votes are usually purchased to ascertain the blockchain’s governance model.

According to Everipedia’s CIO, there cannot be a continuation in the development of dApps on EOS if the network is still wholly centralized in the hands of the Chinese. Sanger also revealed that he had complained about the issue within the ecosystem since he discovered this earlier in summer this year.

“Sorry, but it can’t go on much longer, as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

Brock Pierce Admits EOS is a Chinese Oligarchy

On the other hand, Sanger’s comment was made as a response to Brock Pierce’s, Founder and Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital video. According to Pierce in the video, he is a big fan of China and the Chinese culture.


However, he admits that the Chinese have more control over the EOS network, and there has been an issue of vote-buying. Pierce comments are also coming at a time when Dan Larimar, CTO of had said in October 2018 that decentralization is not what EOS is after, but anti-censorship.

Crypto Community’s Remarks

The cryptocurrency community also had something to say as a response to Sanger’s comments. A user, for instance, wondered why someone of his caliber was dealing with the EOS blockchain. Another suggested that Sanger gives the TRON network a try. Also notable among these comments, is one from a user who said:

“If one of the most famous dApps on EOS is being vocal about an issue then block producers and token-holders should listen. But rest assured that silence != idling.”

In the same vein, Sanger’s tweet was enough to capture the attention of Su Zhu, founder of Three Arrow Capital, a Singapore-based investment firm. Su Zhu remarked that it would be interesting to see how this issue gets resolved by the EOS team. In his opinion, the comments were coming from the “founder of the largest initial project built on EOS (Everipedia),” and as such, it should be enough to draw EOS’s attention.

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