Binance CEO CZ Says ‘Crypto is not going away’, Pays Lawyer in Bitcoin Even in Bear Market

Binance CEO CZ Says 'Crypto is not going away',Pays Lawyer in Bitcoin Despite Bearish Market

Despite the hardened times, the bearish market has created for traders, the CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency according to data from Coinmarketcap rankings, has tweeted to his 247,000 followers, assuring them that Bitcoin is here to stay.

Urging users to look beyond the moment and sustain an elaborate mindset towards the value and significance of this digital breakthrough, Zhao Changpeng (CZ) can be quoted saying; “Crypto is not going away”.

The tweet which has now garnered over 1,614 likes and 295 retweets proves two things ; either cryptocurrency traders and investors strongly believe in CZ’s message, or they are trying to reaffirm their need for cryptocurrency to hold still, whilst hoping beyond hope that their intent becomes the desired reality.

Some users have recently revealed that they are only invested in cryptocurrency because they’ve come too far to quit and not because Bitcoin might experience another bullish run anytime soon.

For CZ, the deal has fully been sealed, in fact, the CEO went on to reveal that he successfully convinced his lawyer to accept payment in Bitcoin. A very bold move coming from CZ, as he overlooked the current market status and asked his lawyer to ditch fiat for fees in Bitcoin.


His tweet read ;

“Just converted one more of our lawyers to take $btc for fees, even on a day like this.”

Fans have shown support and respect towards CZ’s decision to stand by cryptocurrency, especially considering the fact that he would have promoted Binance’s own BNB in place of Bitcoin. One user who was curious to know what was behind his choice remarked ; “I’m surprised not $bnb”.

CZ quickly responded to the user, explaining that he had advised his lawyer to accept both Bitcoin and $Bnb, but seeing that the lawyer is new to the cryptocurrency scene, CZ noted that he will need to comprehend the basics of the cryptocurrency space.

In his words ;

“we advised him to take both, always BTC first to learn about basic crypto.”