Bictory Finance Becomes Concordium’s First Grantee, Targets Further Enhancement for its NFT Marketplace

Bictory Finance Becomes Concordium's First Grantee, Targets Further Enhancement for its NFT Marketplace

Bictory Finance, a crypto-based fintech startup is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Concordium ecosystem to further develop NFT-related solutions. The partnership has seen the company earning a grant reward from the Concordium foundation.

Hence, Bictory Finance has become the first startup project to be awarded “The Free and Open Grant” from the Concordium Foundation according to a recent press release.

Concordium is a compliance-ready public blockchain that uses a proof of cryptography model to effect strict privacy on the network while pushing towards enabling the future economy. Being the preferred blockchain network chosen by Bictory Finance, it awarded Bictory Finance the grant as a way to aid and encourage the development of the BictoryNFT marketplace on the Concordium network.

By means of the new development, all existing protocols of Bictory Finance, such as decentralized crypto exchange, custodial exchange, and the upcoming NFT platform for artists will begin to utilize Concordium blockchain.

The leader of Bictory operations noted the significance of Concordium’s proposed support towards the further development of their project.


“The grant will allow us to improve the currently existing products and tailor them to the needs of Reg-DeFi and crypto investors. Soon, we plan to release the Bictory DEX on testnet, and we believe that Concordium’s support will encourage and accelerate our efforts,” he said.

The CEO at Concordium, Lone Fonss Schroder, also commented on the partnership saying;

“Bictory Finance is an ambitious project developing products ranging from a hybrid exchange (decentralized and centralized exchanges) to an NFT marketplace. Concordium is supporting the projects from our community endowment program and is excited to see the progress they’ve made. We support them in this development which will also deliver reference smart contracts to be available on our website.”

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