Begin Your Crypto Profit Journey with BitOnyx AI-Powered Trading

Begin Your Crypto Profit Journey with BitOnyx AI-Powered Trading

Cryptocurrencies have exploded in value in the last half a decade. For many, the post-2017 crypto winter was a sign that these digital coins had achieved what they could and had retracted to their true value. The start of 2020 proved so wrong for them. Now with new all-time highs, cryptocurrencies have proven that they still have more room to grow. A growth that individuals would love to capitalize on. Crypto trading is the best option to utilize the price fluctuations.

However, for many people, understanding cryptos and the trading concepts are too much. Even those who do understand it, the non-stop trading means a time commitment that they cannot have. In these scenarios, what is a person to do? What if there was a way that wouldn’t force people to spend hours and days learning what is crypto, but let them benefit from trading it? For years, this had stumped people. No more now.

BitOnyx AI: Trading with Artificial Intelligence

 At BitOnyx, the development team has initiated a project that will help hundreds of thousands of people around the world who face different time and strategy issues in crypto trading. The BitOnyx team realized that unless and until there was a solution for easy trading, cryptocurrencies would never gain mainstream attention.

Out of the several possibilities, the team decided to concentrate on not creating solutions, but the ultimate solution. The result is the BitOnyx Artificial Intelligence trading platform. Instead of pushing people to learn about crypto, BitOnyx is all about facilitating them through taking the difficult and time consuming decisions to automation. BitOnyx employs artificial intelligence, machine learning and heavily tested market-neural strategies to create a holistic system that provides users with the opportunity to simply use BitOnyx on their exchange account and go on with their lives as the software takes care of the trading, working non-stop, without requiring rest or sleep.

Why use BitOnyx?

If you are looking for a one sentence answer, it is simple: artificial intelligence is faster, better and efficient than human response.


BitOnyx leverages stochastic process theory in conjunction with synthetic neural networks, which leads the AI to take data inputs on the crypto market and constantly create future predictions, employing the best fit to make trades and take decisions without human intervention. On ground, this is the same technology used by institutional traders in the traditional stocks and ForEx markets. There are no rows of people sitting in front of computers who study the graphs and data to buy or sell assets. The computers execute orders based on the market conditions with the overall strategies defined pre-hand and humans are only needed to intervene if something goes wrong due to sudden market shifts.

Computers have always been renowned for their speed and efficiency. Where a human trader would take time to digest the changing situation, mull over what to buy and sell, decide the amount to trade and pricing, lock in the order and then sit to watch, BitOnyx would have already executed the order and move on to the next. The lighting fast response time makes BitOnyx the best decision making software for crypto trading, be it day trading, swing or any other kind.

The BitOnyx team constantly monitors the growth of its AI. As the system learns, it grows and creates its own strategies. With BitOnyx designed for reducing risks while selecting trades that result in higher yields and rewards, there are times that the system would start to slip a bit. If the results are not up to satisfaction, the team looks into it and adjusts the learning curve accordingly. In the last year, BitOnyx learning mechanism has not failed a single time and so far, the strategies employed by the artificial intelligence has exceeded the team’s expectations. This is partially helped by the fact that BitOnyx AI documents every trade it does, creating a complete record of its strategies and self-auditing at the same time. The system checks past data against the user’s requirements and adjusts automatically if there are variations in the expected and actual outcomes.

The AI has been developed by simulating a human brain and its thought patterns, learning from mistakes and making it a part of its permanent memory. This creates an on-going improvement process and leads to a logical outcome to the predictions made by the system. As the predictive and cognitive analysis of BitOnyx has improved, it has reached to a point where it works on a proactive mode, making trades that are better, faster and don’t rely on the market to change and lag behind. It can effectively predict how the market will be and buys or sells assets before the market has time to react to the change. This gives BitOnyx users an edge that other traders, even professional ones do not have.

We understand that cryptocurrency trading is a global market and more or less the value of a coin or token is the same all over the world. However, there are slight variations due to local supply and demand situations, including some slippage due to different time zones of countries and locations. As such, many traders try to take advantage of this by registering on different exchanges and trading platforms, trying to capitalize the difference to their advantage. BitOnyx AI is a cross platform intelligent service that can connect to multiple trading platforms, with all the strategies controlled from a single interface. Where other traders will spend time observing different platforms and making decisions, BitOnyx will have already executed the trades and skimmed you the maximum profit possible.

As piece of software that simulates the human thinking process in a lighting fast manner, BitOnyx AI is free from the restrictions of flesh. This means unlike its biological counterparts, it does not require rest, sleep or time off. It can continue on trading, working 24 hours a day, without taking a day off and working well into the weekends and holidays. Secondly, as an artificial intelligence, it is free from emotions that humans are susceptible to. It cannot be swayed by FOMO, or make rash decisions in case of a huge market shift. The software is free from the influences of different pump and dump schemes, or going the hodling way as markets fall and people lose money. The trading app is designed to be free from these inputs and can even work on micro trading, letting you skim small profits from the volatility in the market, amounting to a significant increase in wealth that you otherwise may not be able to achieve.

BitOnyx AI Packages

BitOnyx is an extremely efficient forecasting and automated trading platform, allowing users to generate profits even in situations they thought it was impossible. Another firm belief of the team is that profits generated are the users only. Unlike other trading bots that take a commission on the trades made and essentially eat up into the profits of traders, BitOnyx AI platform uses a different strategy. 

There are four different packages for the artificial intelligence platform, each designed to allow traders to use what is most economical for them:

  • One Month: Starting at $9.99 per month, the subscription lasts 30 days and can be cancelled at any time of the year.
  • Quarterly: A three month package, this comes with a 5% discount and offers 90 days of non-stop trading for $28.47, averaging out to $9.49 per month.
  • Half Year: Users can have 6 months of uninterrupted trading for as little as $8.99 per month, a combined package of $53.94.
  • Yearly: Unleashing the AI advantage, users can generate profit all year round with zero downtime of BitOnyx AI trading platform with only paying $99.48 ($8.29 per month), peanuts compared to the vast profits the users will be generating in crypto trading.

For users who want to go for the short haul and develop instant profiting strategies, the subscription packages may not be the right investment they are looking for. These traders have another subscription offer, which is much similar to the commission based models employed by other platforms (explained later on below).

BitOnyx AI Forecasting App

BitOnyx team realizes that for people looking for an effective method to automate their trades, they may not have the necessary skills and understanding, or might be a little confused on whether to use the service or not.

For traders like these, the team has created a free forecasting service, called the CryptoCoins Forecast App. This is an iOS and Android supported app that takes different inputs of tokens and coins to create a forecasting method for more than 700 coins in the market. Using the same input strategies as its main AI trading app, the CryptoCoins Forecast uses the latest in bleeding edge technologies and creates a whole historical mapping of the coins, including different statistics and presents the information in an easy to understand user interface. As more and more data is available, the app improves its predictions and gives users a sound strategical advice to place their orders.

The app is a great way for traders to get themselves accustomed to the AI’s power and be comfortable. When they have had enough experience and are sure that they the app’s strategies are in line with their own, they can shift to BitOnyx trading AI platform and unleash the power of automated trading.

Since the CryptoCoin app is simply about telling people about the strategies and forecasting and does not include the actual automated trading, BitOnyx team is proud to offer this app for FREE.

BitOnyx Token: Powering the AI Trading Ecosystem

BitOnyx AI platform has created its own native ERC-20 compliant coin, the BitOnyx Token (BTNYX). As a utility token, BTNYX has a number of uses on the BitOnyx platform, from paying every kind of fee to powering referrals made to the network. Limited to only 100 million tokens that ever will be created, BTNYX uses a deflationary economy, with the value rising as more and more people start using it, creating a pressure on the demand while the supply remains constant (an even decreasing as people attempt to hold on to it as a medium of value). The BTNYX token can also be used to trade for other cryptocurrencies, giving traders yet another opportunity to make profits. Apart from this, the token allows users to pay for trading fee and app subscription. To make sure that the supply of the token is controlled, part for the ERC-20 protocol compliance the BTNYX also uses the ERC-621 standard set for regulation of its supply and broken down to 18 decimals for easy use and access, even when its value rises.

BTNYX is the perfect tool for short term traders who would rather not take the subscription packages offered by BitOnyx. For these short term traders with eyes on faster and instant trade, BitOnyx has created a trading pool. The pool is operated by an independent bot that uses a plethora of trading strategies, investing in different cryptocurrencies and making profits. Holders of the BTNYX token can stake their assets in the pools. As the pool grows and makes profit, the generated wealth is distributed to the token holders as per their share in the pool.

The pool is a dedicated account that has large investments in a BitOnyx supported exchange. The trading bot of the pool buys a trade and sells it off by take profit and stop loss orders, placing another order immediately. If the trade generates profits, it is distributed. In case the order has generated a loss, the pool members are compensated with the reserve tokens of the system. This way the pool holders have their initial investment safe all the time.

All pool trades are transparent and users can review the trades. This allows them to match against their investment and be assured that they have gotten what was rightfully theirs. With such ease, there are numerous other benefits for the traders, such as:

  • No need to sign up on exchanges or professional trading platforms.
  • No lengthy and tedious KYC or AML process to go through.
  • Safe from security failure points as there is no need of setting up APIs and giving access to their trading account to third parties.
  • Trading pool absorbs the losses and only distributes profits.

About the BitOnyx Team

The BitOnyx is led by a team of experts in the financial, AI and the blockchain field. Acting as its CEO, Adam Zaitov is the man behind the AI development and its infrastructure. He has worked in different major IT firms and has experiences in IA, cryptos and information security and holds a degree in IT from the famous Moscow Aviation Institute.

The financial side is led by Abdul Hakim Malik, who works as the CFO of BitOnyx AI. A sound investment expert, Abdul Hakim has a streak for investing in profitable opportunities, especially in the technology sector.

The combined power of Abdul Hakim and Adam Zaitov means BitOnyx AI is the perfect amalgam of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies and financial understandings of trading to create an ecosystem that is powerful, unique and helps in getting cryptocurrencies into the mainstream, allowing anyone in the world to take part in the latest crypto economy.

Start your AI powered crypto trading journey today with BitOnyx AI.