Atriv Partners With Flare Network To Enhance AI-Generated NFTs

Atriv Partners With Flare Network To Enhance AI-Generated NFTs

Atriv, a generative AI platform for NFTs, partners with Flare Network, a cross-blockchain data platform, to bring its no-code prompt-generating NFTs to Flare’s platform. Announced Thursday, the collaboration is set to further the adoption of NFTs and digital art, allowing users with no prior technical knowledge to create and monetise their creative pieces using only a couple of generative sentences. 

Atriv launched its all-in-one NFT platform earlier this year, allowing users to realise the full potential of digital art by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). Atriv is designed to help users create and monetise original digital art based on textual descriptions using machine learning and natural language processing. The platform aims to simplify creating and issuing NFTs, allowing anyone with an internet connection to create their digital art.

Hugo Philion, CEO & Co-founder of Flare, commented, “We are excited to welcome Atriv to Flare to push the boundaries of AI-generated NFTs and harness Flare’s native interoperability protocols to enhance cross-chain accessibility.”

The strategic partnership with Flare will make digital art creation and monetisation more accessible to Flare users. This will encourage a new wave of creatives and artists to join the Flare network, leveraging its scalable, secure and private network to create imaginative digital artwork. Its integration with Flare will bring powerful NFT capabilities to the Layer 1 network and enable creators to devise unique NFT collections with no technical experience required.

“Flare’s data-centric Layer 1 blockchain offers the scalability, security, and seamless integration capabilities that we need to serve our community effectively,” Abel Sebhatu, CEO & Co-founder of Atriv, said. “This partnership marks an exciting new chapter in our journey, and we look forward to playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of NFTs.


Additionally, Atriv will leverage Flare’s State Connector to bring cross-chain interoperability to its platform. Simply, the State Connector allows users to mint NFTs on the Flare Layer 1 network and receive payment on another chain using different tokens. This allows digital art creators to interact with various blockchain ecosystems and benefit from each network’s unique features and capabilities. The collaboration aims to be a game-changer in digital art, combining two cutting-edge technologies to shape the future of NFTs. 

A world of possibilities on Atriv

Apart from generating NFTs, Atriv provides a dynamic marketplace where artists and collectors can showcase their AI-powered digital art. The personalised online gallery or storefront can be customised to provide a unique showcase of your NFT collection to potential buyers. 

The platform also offers secure and decentralized storage for all digital art. Creators on Atriv store their digital art as files on the IPFS. This offers several benefits, including decentralised storage, improved data integrity, and increased censorship or data loss resistance. These features are designed to cater to the evolving needs of the NFT ecosystem and make the platform a one-stop solution for artists, businesses, and collectors.