ApeSwap’s community-focused DEX platform to empower users in the BSC ecosystem

ApeSwap's community-focused DEX platform to empower users in the BSC ecosystem

A few years back, what if someone told you that one could seamlessly utilize financial services without central authorities’ intervention?

The genesis of Ethereum was the dawn of the new financial era built on the foundation of decentralization, privacy, and security. Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities offset practical functionality to provide services to the users. With the traditional financial system facing challenges, it brought the emergence of a new financial system.

However, due to Ethereum’s limited capacities in terms of network congestion and high gas transaction fees, the mainstream adoption of DeFi had become challenging. Due to significant constraints on Ethereum Network, there was a dire need to expand DeFi to other chains to enhance flexibility for greater financial inclusion. 

The explosiveness of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem with EVM compatibility resulted in performance suitability for DeFi users. Amidst the growing DEX volumes swathing them into the charms of various cryptocurrencies, ApeSwap launched in the BSC ecosystem with intuitive UI/UX features providing users with a Uniswap-like experience.

Community-focused features to redefine user-experience

Since the DeFi protocols were soaring high, the DEX platforms witnessed a breakthrough encouraging mass participation. Various DEX platforms came into the limelight amassing innovative features. Whereas with ApeSwap, the case was different. ApeSwap had a unique disposition of building a platform advocating “DeFi Apes for DeFi Apes”. The platform was focused on introducing various incentivization structures to make it lucrative for users to swap their tokens on the DEX platform. 


It also introduced staking and yield farming programs on its native platform to lure the community to experience its platform. Apart from that, it expanded its DEX solution to Polygon Network to fuel cross-chain interoperability. Besides, ApeSwap also pioneered exciting concepts such as “Initial Ape Offerings” and “Non-Fungible Apes” for its community to participate. 

Through Initial Ape Offerings, users can seamlessly participate in the novel token sale of upcoming projects listings on ApeSwap. It’s a new DeFi-style token sale model attracting tech-savvy investors in contrast to the conventional IDO platforms. It creates a mutually beneficial situation for both new projects and users since the former is saved of eye-watering costs charged by centralized exchanges, and the latter remains undeprived to partake in projects’ initial funding. 

Meanwhile, the NFA’s look like an advanced version of the NFT distribution model. The NFA’s, also known as Non-Fungible Apes, are lucrative NFT’s introduced into an auto-generated tier-based model to the ApeSwap community. By purchasing these exclusive collectibles, the holders earn a chance to win lucrative rewards, lotteries, airdrops, and exclusive tokens. Besides these, ApeSwap’s AMM-based DEX has several benefits, including low gas fees, increased speed and high throughput. All thanks to the BSC ecosystem.