Anti-Crypto Economist Nouriel Roubini drags Ripple for “false statements” in its 2019 XRP markets report

The Cryptocurrency world Deliberates On The Security Status Of Ripple's XRP

It is no news that Nouriel Roubini amongst others is one of cryptocurrency’s most public haters. The Stern NYU Professor has once again expressed his distrust towards crypto in a recent tweet where he termed the Ripple XRP team members “con men” whilst responding to its 2019 markets report for the second quarter of the year 2019.

In alignment with another tweet from the twitter handle “TrollyMcTrollface”, Roubini responded to the market commentary section of Ripple’s market report which stated;

“The SEC announced that it would establish nodes on certain open-source, permissionless ledgers, such as the XRP Ledger, to help inform its policymaking.”

Agreeing with the user who said “Ripple continues to lie in broad daylight”, Roubini once again referred to cryptocurrency and blockchain as a technology run by ingenuity. 

“Indeed lying in broad daylight is standard operating procedure for all things crypto and blockchain. In no new technology in human history you have seen so many crooks, scammers, liars, cheaters, criminals, snake oil salesmen, carnival barkers, self serving whales, con men!” – Nouriel RoubinI.

While the crypto-community has in its usual manner responded in defense, the renowned Economist is yet to honor these comments with any reply.


Meanwhile, Ripple’s market report reflects tremendous growth between the beginning of the year and present. With a total of $251.51 million XRP tokens sold in the second quarter of 2019, the reduction of sales in the future has substantially improved.

Adaptation rate for Ripple and its native token has also skyrocketed. According to the reports, the token has been listed on 130 exchanges while institutional interests have simultaneously increased. 

Released on the 24th of July on its Ripple Insight website, Ripple’s market report further addressed the issue of transparency as regards to previous concerns on the network  “overstating market trading volumes” amongst other issues.