Ankr Becomes One of The First RPC Providers to Layer-1 Blockchain, Aptos

Ankr Becomes One of The First RPC Providers to Layer-1 Blockchain, Aptos

Ankr, a leading Web3 infrastructure provider, is elated to announce it has become one of the first Remote Procedure Call (RPC) providers to Aptos. 

This partnership allows developers to make request calls, access Aptos Testnet Community and Premium RPCs, and receive information returns that mirror the results they would get by running an Aptos full node. Aptos is a safe and scalable Layer 1 blockchain. In addition, developers will also be able to build scalable, secure, and upgradable dApps on the Aptos blockchain.

Commenting on Ankr’s new role, Josh Neuroth, Ankr’s Head of Product, stated:

“Ankr is excited to be an early supporter of Aptos with an RPC that now makes it easy for all developers to start building on the ecosystem. This is just the beginning of Ankr’s products for the blockchain that will doubtlessly attract more demand ahead of the much-anticipated mainnet launch.”

Notably, through the partnership, Ankr provides a geo-distributed and decentralized Apto RPC composed of many independent blockchain nodes. These nodes run worldwide for low-latency and reliable connections. The Ankr’s Aptos Testnet RPC connects wallets, dApps, and command-line interfaces with the Aptos blockchain. This RPC acts as a blockchain router for relaying on-chain information between Aptos dApps. Its functions also help end users execute necessary takes, including populating wallet balances and transactions, fetching ownership information, and much more.

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Ankr plans to add more support for Aptos with additional docs, tools, and features once the Aptos mainnet is live. Ankr is now an RPC provider to 19 blockchains, including BNB, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and Polygon. An RPC enables various applications to interact with the blockchain.

Aptos was founded by Meta alumni and promises to bring new tech and scalability benefits to Web3 once its mainnet is launched. Reportedly, developers building on the Aptos testnet have witnessed over 160,000 transactions per second (TPS), facilitated by upgrades like their parallel execution engine called Block-STM. The blockchain hopes to be faster, more secure, and more scalable than exciting blockchains thanks to its advanced programming language, Move.

The Ankr Network currently serves an average of 8 billion daily blockchain requests for over 50 proof of stake chains. It delivers time-tested and high-performance RPC node infrastructure capable of handling any request load. This will reportedly expand Aptos’ public RPC resources. Ankr also offers a suite of developer tools such as Liquid Staking SDK, AppChains As a Service, and Web3 Gaming SDK.