American Adjustable Crypto Wallets in the CIS Market


Storage of cryptocurrency is a necessity that sooner or later every user is faced with. Today, as storage for virtual money, you can use both separate hardware wallets, they are also called cold, and hot online storage.

Many wallet creators offer various ways to store cryptocurrencies: both cold, offline, and hot, online.

The most popular and reliable cryptocurrency wallets:

  • Blockchain Wallet – enjoys the greatest popularity worldwide. It was created back in 2009 and has a convenient interface and a relatively high level of security. Another advantage of this storage is that it is free, users only pay for transaction services in foreign currency, and this percentage is considered low in the market. This wallet supports only two currencies – bitcoins and ethers.
  • Bitcoin Core – also applies to old repositories, it is characterized by an increased level of security. The disadvantages of this wallet include the large size, the software requires up to 150 gigabytes of memory, and this crypto wallet does not have a mobile application. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and supports 27 languages.
  • Jaxx is a popular multi-currency online wallet. Its advantage is a practical interface, as well as various versions for mobile gadgets and browsers. This service supports 69 different cryptocurrencies, which is very practical since you do not need to set up different wallets for each currency. Also, this wallet makes it possible to carry out exchange transactions directly, without additional fees and transaction fees.
  • Coinomi is a very popular multicurrency cryptocurrency wallet that runs Android and iOS. About 155 different virtual currencies are available in this wallet. The advantage is the ability to carry out exchange operations inside the store. Russian interface is also available.
  • BitGo – a crypto wallet that allows you to make instant payments using blockchain storage. It collaborates with various digital currency exchanges and guarantees its users a high degree of protection.
  • US11 – not very well known outside the US, but a very popular cryptocurrency wallet. A large number of cryptocurrencies are supported. The wallet has a very convenient interface and reliability. Apparently, US11 begins to be popularized outside the United States. So far, it can be noted that customer reviews of US11 give a rather high assessment of the quality of service, even in comparison with other old and proven cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Bitwallet: These custody providers use a combination of different hot and cold storage techniques, and are designed to alleviate fears among investors through the prevention of wallet thefts and rectification of misplaced private keys. In short, crypto custodians create an additional barrier of security for regular wallet systems like Bitwallet

The choice of crypto storage is very difficult since today a huge number of crypto-wallets are available on the market, which differs in their functionality. American crypto wallets have been known in our market for a long time and many of them have long been regulated in the CIS market.

Therefore, if you are looking for reliable storage for your virtual savings, we recommend that you choose reliable services that have long been known and are popular with many users. For example, US11 is not a scam, which cannot be said about the many one-day wallets.


Also, when choosing a wallet, consider the level of security that the service is ready to offer you for your savings. In order for your funds to be securely protected and at the same time multiplied, use only proven services.

The service, unfortunately, is not very well known, although it has a well-deserved reputation among experts as one of the most reliable. In the expert environment, the US11 innovation – master privacy key 1113 is especially appreciated. The master privacy key 1113 system allows you to make completely secure transactions within a closed environment without committing to the blockchain, which is great for operations like refund or recall.