AlCoin Invests in Global Health Care Provider Sevamob

AlCoin Invests in Global Health Care Provider Sevamob

AICoin, a Singapore-based blockchain firm has invested in Sevamob, a leading platform in AI healthcare technologies.

AICoin, a tokenized group that uses profits from its crypto trading operations to invest in early-stage AI startups, has invested in Sevamob Ventures USA Inc.

AICoin invested the highest amount in Sevamob’s $2 million funding round, through Tessier-Ashpool PTE Ltd.

The investment will allow AICoin to acquire a seat at Sevamob. Other participants in the funding round include Sorenson Impact Foundation, Impact Assets, and US-based HNIs.

Sevamob is part of Duke University’s Innovation in Healthcare program. The firm is one of the latest projects that use artificial intelligence and telemedicine in asset light clinics to deliver superior healthcare solutions to underserved people at nearly half the cost.


Sevamob makes money by charging clients for service delivery and software licensing fees.

At current, Sevamob runs 163 sustainable full and part-time units in India, Southern Africa, and Georgia USA. Over 83 firms currently pay for their software and services.

The Sevamob Model

He Sevamob B2B model includes customers like schools, employers, NGOs, corporate CSR, hospitals/clinics, pharma, and local government.

Sevamob enables its customers like Fullerton and Indian Oil, to care to employees, communities or other beneficiaries.

Some of Sevamob’s offerings include consultancy, point-of-care diagnostics, treatment and referrals for general health issues, vision, dental and more.

Sevamob provides its services to both those in urban and rural areas at meager costs due to its cutting-edge technology and live dashboards or tracking health issues.

Gavin Smith, founder of AICoin and the CEO of the Panxora Group stated that:

“Sevamob is a good first investment for us because the majority of their units are already sustainable with improved cost efficiency and scalability built into their DNA. Their model is to set a benchmark for quality care using a medical team, then they use technology to both increases the effectiveness and cost efficiency of service delivery.”

Since its launch four years ago, Sevamob founder and CEO, Shelly Saxena has been working hard to fine-tune their delivery model so that they can offer a vast array of quality services.

Also commenting on the initiative, AICoin founder Marcie Terman noted that:

“The Sevamob investment marks the start of AICoin taking equity stakes in young companies which will focus on investment quality over quantity. As a group, AICoin and its founders are anomalous in the token space. The founders, as well as subscribers, got involved in AICoin, not because they wanted to get rich quick.”