AENCO Becomes The Latest Member To Join The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)

AENCO Becomes The Latest Member To Join The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)

AENCO, the worlds first health tech-based digital financing solution provider, has announced a significant milestone in their project, as they officially join Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).
The membership of the renowned Ethereum standard platform which has top Fortune-500 companies on board is expected to provide a vital boost to Aenco current partnership network and further build its ecosystem.
Speaking about the milestone achievement, Aenco Spokesperson said the decision is “a proof of the company’s commitment to developing project promises framework of the best enterprise features and requirements of the Ethereum ecosystem as provided by EEA.” The more significant implication of this is that AENCO now has access to the world-class services and resources available at the EEA platform.
The services at the disposal of EEA include best practices in governance models and accountability, clarity around IP and licensing models. AENCO will also be sponsoring development for health tech projects utilizing blockchain technology to facilitate research collaboration and pharmaceutical development and also enable the exchange of clinical data and services.


The medical sector is lacking a structured financial system that compliments the development of health tech, and it is polarised by bodies that are suspected to be inflating the prices of drugs and compromising the dosages.
As a member of EEA, AENCO will benefit from networking with established firms and agencies to revitalize the dwindling medical sector and incorporate a health tech system that will be effective, adequate and cost-effective.
Currently, observers are keen to know the outcome of the partnership and to see if big players like Microsoft can help the firm reach its potentials and achieve its goal.