4 New Digital Asset Exchanges Worth A Look

4 New Digital Asset Exchanges Worth A Look

Cryptocurrency investing platforms are in a constant state of flux. Investors have the opportunity to benefit from a steady stream of new technology, all designed to improve the trading experience.

Cryptocurrency exchanges, in particular, have seen a tremendous amount of growth in recent years. Starting with the unprecedented success of Binance, which became the dominant exchange over the course of the last six months of 2017, exchanges are in a huge growth cycle.

In fact, the 2018 bear market seemed to give new exchanges a necessary break, enabling growth, rapid technology innovation, and much-needed security improvements.

Now that the market has escaped the tight clutches of 2018 and has hit a growth cycle, already profitable exchanges are poised to see continued growth as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a plethora of altcoins continue to grow in value.

One of the more pressing questions investors now face is which exchange to use for trading. Service offerings have expanded, social trading is the new norm, professional trading platforms are available for savvy investors, and thankfully, a heavy prioritization of security is on the rise.


Some investors are displaying a strong preference to stick with what they know in the cryptocurrency exchange arena. This is understandable. With new technology and advanced systems popping up everywhere, change can be a daunting proposition, even if trying something new is ultimately beneficial.

Let’s take a look at four of the top new cryptocurrency exchanges. New and experienced investors alike can learn about these platforms.


BiKi celebrated its first year of existence just last month. Of course, in the cryptocurrency space, a year of existence is the fiat equivalent of decades. However, this Singapore-based exchange still deserves a place on this list of up-and-comers.

Currently placed 5’th on CMC and with over 220 pairs available for exchange on the platform, BiKi is already a solid value proposition. However, this exchange offers several other main features that differentiate it from its counterparts.

Recognizing a need for structure and operational support, BiKi founder Ethan Ng broadened the platform to include communications and operational support. This is in direct alignment with the growing focus on social trading trends across crypto trading.

With brand awareness support as well as the contributions of top social media blockchain influencers, platforms began to see tremendous growth on BiKi as the market started to stabilize. The platform now supports over 150 projects.

Lastly, BiKi’s main differentiator is the international focus. The company became an expert in assisting crypto projects penetrating the Chinese market with its huge userbase on WeChat.


New exchange ecXX launched this spring. After expressing an interest in becoming the world’s leading digital currency exchange, ecXX announced some pretty powerful partnerships in support of that goal. Most of these partnerships are designed specifically to serve institutional investors.

For example, in response to ongoing major exchange security issues that are prohibitive for institutional investors, ecXX is using Ledger Vault to manage digital asset ownership. This solves a big problem for all exchanges by removing the need to verify an exchange’s custodial capacity.


Another compelling new platform StormGain was built to enable futures trading in the digital space. This type of trading, common in the fiat investment world, is new to cryptocurrency investors.

The exchange was recently in the news for announcing a sponsor partnership with the football Premier League team Newcastle United. The brand will be featured on the 2019/2020 season Newcastle United jerseys.

The exchange has created a surprisingly user-friendly interface to support this endeavor. It features zero commissions, buy/sell signals, and multipliers up to 1:100 for an array of digital assets.

Both parties cite an intense interest in the inevitable future interaction between cryptocurrency and professional sporting events. They both consider it an exciting privilege to be at the forefront of this sort of collaboration.


Last but not least, if the title “Bitcoin” isn’t enough to draw investors, the fact that Roger Ver, early BTC evangelist, and ongoing angel investor, is co-leading the exchange should do the trick.

Bitcoin.com has set its sights on competing with the likes of Coinbase and Binance, with a platform designed to increase worldwide cryptocurrency accessibility through high liquidity and a user-friendly interface.

However, the exchange’s key differentiator is the “negative fees” killer feature that allows traders to actually earn BCH when operating on the platform.

Ver has famously and repeatedly stated his belief that “Bitcoin is the most important invention in the history of the world since the internet.” With a claim that powerful, it is hard not to take note of the site’s newest venture, a cryptocurrency exchange.

With these four new market contenders emerging, investors and consumers have a wider array of exchanges to choose from. The changes and innovations of each make them increasingly likely to garner new business from the legacy crypto exchange world.