3 Most Promising Altcoins For The Second Half Of The Year

Most Promising Altcoins For 2019

2019 looks like a promising year for the crypto market, though we’re just halfway through the year, we are already seeing signs of a positive ending for the year.

However, there are some things you may need to look out for before putting your resources into a cryptocurrency. There are a lot of coins to bet against; below are three altcoins that based on our research, are the most promising for the second half of the year even though some may view its first-half performance as quite average when compared to the market leader, Bitcoin’s recent surge.

Cardano (ADA)

Founded by a former ETH developer, Cardano (ADA) has the goal of providing a smart contract platform that strives to be a better option when compared with ETH, especially looking at how it permits communication amongst different blockchains, known to be extremely secure and highly scalable, ADA seems to beat ETH in most departments.


The digital asset currently has a price of $0.08 which to many is not the best reflection of its supposed actual value. In any case, compared to previous years, 2019 has promised to be good for the cryptocurrency, and with upcoming developments, ADA will show up big for the rest of the year.


Stellar (XLM)

There has been a lot said about XLM in recent news. With the significant recovery from the beginning of the year and with what the stellar team and their partners’ works, XLM brings more to the table.


More and more users are coming on the Stellar platform, which is a big plus for XLM. The cryptocurrency can hit a new all-time high in the second half of the year and ought to be in every investor’s book for the short-term.

BitTorrent (BTT)

BTT among other coins haven’t had so much attention yet it’s a great prospect for the second half of the year. Currently, BTT is at the 33rd position on the top cryptocurrency list, trading at around $0.00134 and with a market cap of $283 million.

If you are new to the cryptocurrency market, then BTT might as well be the right cryptocurrency to keep an eye on. BTT in just some few days have been able to rise over 38% and has the momentum to carry on a bullish rally for the rest of the year.


BTT is a top three on the current growing cryptocurrency list and with the acquired gains in the first half of the year, it’s anticipated that BTT might be in the top 20 of the largest cryptocurrency list before 2020.