ZEV Technologies and Digital Arms Partner up to Create World’s First IP licensed pistol NFT

ZEV Technologies and Digital Arms Partner up to Create World’s First IP licensed pistol NFT

ZEV Technologies has announced a long-term partnership with Digital Arms to “design, develop and market ZEV branded Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).” Digital Arms is also on the verge of announcing its IDO launchpad partners for the release of $HNTR tokens.

Digital Arms, which operates exclusive IP rights to the world’s leading firearm brands and the most popular AAA gaming firearms, is “bringing an NFT trading platform to the firearm, gaming, and hunting marketplaces.” When done, firearm enthusiasts and collectors can purchase branded firearm and firearm accessories NFTs which they can use in games and other digital platforms.

“Here at ZEV Technologies we’re big fans of innovation and technology. The creation of NFTs by Digital Arms on behalf of ZEV is an exciting new venture that’s outside of the box. We look forward to seeing the expansion of the market surrounding ZEV Technologies NFTs.” Said ZEV Technologies Director of Brand Engagement, Dan Groce.

In the digital Arms platform, users will be the sole verified owners of digitally licensed firearms. Firearms NFTs give investors a chance to “own a piece of history” with the potential to grow significantly in value. Digital Arms platform will also provide its own metaverse where users can buy licensed firearms NFTs that are interoperable with games and other digital platforms.

Users can engage in activities such as gaming, trading, forging rifles and accessories, wearables, accessorizing, collecting, and investing in firearms.


Digital Arms is also partnering with Xentrix Studios to create Meta Marines, an army of “Yield generating fully rigged 3D Soldier Avatars that will have full interoperability with metaverse gaming.” These are due for release in Q3 of 2022 while investors can buy $HNTR tokens on PancakeSwap by Q2 2022.

Users can get updated on the release schedule via this Telegram group https://t.me/huntertokenofficial.

By the time Digital Arms completes its integration with Fireblocks, there will be higher efficiency and security that ensures the security of users’ digital assets.

Many top personalities have already shown interest in Digital Arms’ initiative, including Gamers, hunters, firearms enthusiasts, and ZEV, Barrett, CMMG, Primary Arms, Head Down Arms, ZeroTech Optics brand fans. Others are firearm and gaming enthusiasts looking for an entry into the NFT market, by owning digital collectibles in a sector they’re passionate about.

You can visit the company website at https://www.hunter-token.com/, and keep up with updates at their Twitter account https://twitter.com/DigitalArmsNFT. Join the Digital Arms movement over at their Discord: https://discord.gg/digital-arms.