ZEEROZONE And Solana – Blockchain Solutions That Offer Scalability

ZEEROZONE And Solana - Blockchain Solutions That Offer Scalability

Zeerozone (ZEZO) is a space-exploration game that uses blockchain technology to solve traditional online games’ problems. The fundamental issues with most online games include payment gateways, centralized gaming items, and the social isolation of players. 

Zeerozone can deliver its game free of these three issues using the general blockchain technology framework. Similarly, Solana is a scalable blockchain network that offers decentralization and security as its core features. This article will discuss how Zeerozone (ZEZO) and Solana (SOL) are working to improve the quality of online gaming.

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The Zeerozone Game And Solana Network 

Video games evolved from CD formats to online games, yet many of these games still have various shortcomings. Consequently, Zeerozone’s team has chosen to launch the project on the blockchain to avoid facing the same problems.

The Zeerozone game will deliver an avenue for game lovers to explore space and navigate galaxies. Players will experience immersive fun while earning $ZEZO tokens and NFTs.


Going back to the three problems of online games mentioned earlier, consider how Zeerozone will solve the problems using blockchain and cryptocurrencies:

Payment Gateways

Traditional game developers have a hard time providing a payment system that will work for players in all locations around the world. This restriction can reduce the revenue they can generate from the game. However, Zeerozone will incorporate cryptocurrency as the primary payment method in its platform. Therefore, players from every corner of the earth can play the game and make seamless payments. $ZEZO will serve as the utility token for players to buy spaceships and other items essential to exploring the Zeerozone space.

To complete this goal, Zeerozone also plans to introduce a crypto wallet system to provide secure and anonymous storage of $ZEZO tokens. Players exploring space in Zeerozone will have unique wallet IDs helpful in sending and receiving $ZEZO tokens and NFTs. Solana also provides a payment solution without geographical restrictions. The network can process up to 3,500 transactions per second. Thus, sending $SOL, Solana’s native cryptocurrency only takes a few seconds to reach the receiver. Moreover, crypto wallets like Phantom provide safe storage for $SOL coins and other Solana-based tokens.

Centralized Asset Ownership

Online games sell costumes, weapons, and machines to players. However, these gaming items do not belong to the players. Instead, the game developers retain all the ownership of the items even after players might have spent a lot of money buying them. Zeerozone and other blockchain games change the above narrative entirely. They allow players to own the weapons and items they purchase to play games and NFTs they win.

On Zeerozone, a player who is the first to discover an artefact buried in space will retain its ownership. Also, he can mint the artifact as an NFT, store it in his wallet and sell it to other players on the Zeerozone marketplace. The Solana (SOL) network supports asset ownership just like Zeerozone. You can store the NFTs you buy or win while playing a game in your Solana wallet. Moreover, Solana NFT markets are suitable platforms for purchasing and selling all NFTs.

Waste Of Time And Resources

Several studies and reports claim that video gaming is a leading cause of loneliness, procrastination, and idleness. As a result, the media sometimes often portray gaming as an inefficient use of time. Using blockchain technology, Zeerozone will create a gaming environment worth your time. How? It will offer value by rewarding players with NFTs and $ZEZO tokens they can exchange for money.

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Similarly, Solana Pay helps to reduce the time it takes to receive a payment and eliminates the fees you pay when sending money through traditional payment merchants. Zeerozone and Solana are blockchain solutions that improve your gaming experience and offer value worth your while.