Zeebu Partners With Three Telecom Carriers To Enhance Global Settlements and Communication

Zeebu Partners With Three Telecom Carriers To Enhance Global Settlements and Communication

The blockchain-based company announced partnerships with two UAE firms, Axistel FZE and Qatama Ltd., and Senegal-based Hayo Telecom Inc. 

Zeebu,  a pioneering company in blockchain and settlements across the global telecom industry, has entered a strategic partnership with three global telecom carriers to provide its cutting-edge blockchain solutions. The partnership aims to provide Hayo Telecom Inc., Axistel FZE and Qatama Ltd. with an end-to-end blockchain platform designed to make transactions and communications more efficient. Following the recent partnerships, Zeebu now counts seven major global telecommunications providers as partners in its emerging new telecom blockchain network.

According to the press release, the collaboration will address some of the unique business challenges in the global telecom industry, such as security and fraud risks, the complex structure of payments in the industry, and transaction delays, which may take up to three weeks. With Zeebu, the global telecom carriers will boost the speed, efficiency, and trust of “millions of transactions annually” across the three telecom firms while providing enterprise-grade security to prevent cyberattacks and fraud.   

“The new additions to Zeebu’s community underscore the value our rapidly growing network provides to the world of telecommunications, and we’re looking forward to working with them,” said Raj Brahmbhatt, Founder & CEO, Zeebu.

Zeebu leverages blockchain and smart contract technology to create a trustless, transparent and cost-friendly transaction ecosystem to foster the development of B2B channels and provide more efficient transactions in the telecom carrier industry. 


Massih Qhoraish, Director of Qatama, a UAE -based global telecom carrier that specializes in international wholesale voice services, stated the importance of the partnership, saying: 

“Zeebu’s blockchain-based loyalty solution is just what the telecommunications carrier industry needs. It offers unmatched security, with its rewards-based transaction infrastructure providing a strong incentive that will maximize operational efficiency for the entire industry.”

Hayo, the largest mobile service provider in Senegal, also joined the blockchain network with an aim to enhance its position as a critical player in the telecommunications industry in Africa. The carrier is tagged as the ‘Gateway to Africa’, providing a range of services to millions of callers worldwide. 

“We’re thrilled to become a member of Zeebu’s telecom loyalty platform and utilize an infrastructure that will enable instantaneous transaction settlements across the globe. Based on the concepts of trust and transparency, Zeebu’s platform will provide game-changing benefits for telecom carriers,” said Feraz Ahmed, CEO of Hayo Telecom. 

Finally, Axistel FZE is a leading global telecommunications service provider offering a complete range of Voice and SMS OTP HQ and CC services. With over 170 direct interconnections with LDI, MNO and other operators globally, Zeebu’s integration will help reduce the latency across the global web of interconnections. Hiren Kakad, CEO of Axistel FZE shared the importance of adopting new technologies in the ever-changing telecom world. 

“The telecommunications industry is one that moves incredibly fast, embracing the latest technology developments to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of its customers,” Kakad shared. “The strong traction and rapid adoption of Zeebu’s blockchain network will help to accelerate innovation in the industry and deliver real value to every participant.”

Following the latest round of strategic partnerships, the global Zeebu network boasts seven global telecom carriers, including BBT Voice Limited, Broadband Telecom Inc., BridgeVoice Inc., and Slovenia’s Novate, who joined in May this year.