Youtube Bans Popular Crypto Channel For Allegedly “Encouraging Illegal Activities”

Youtube Bans Popular Crypto Channel For Allegedly “Encouraging Illegal Activities

Aaron and Austin, the two brothers who run popular crypto news and opinions channel ‘Altcoin Daily’, woke up to a rude awakening when they discovered that Youtube had banned their channel for allegedly “encouraging illegal activities.

The two Bitcoin supporters submitted an appeal to Youtube and took to Twitter, seeking the help of the crypto community to persuade Youtube to review the “unfair decision”.

“URGENT! YouTube has just terminated our channel claiming that we were “encouraging illegal activities”! We are a news/opinion channel! We have never promoted anything illegal! Appeal has been submitted. @TeamYouTube Please review this! Plz RT! HELP!”

Top fans and other key influencers in the crypto space have since come out in large numbers to rally behind the Altcoin Daily team with some expressing their disbelief over Youtube’s bias.

“OMG!! Altcoin Daily was terminated by YouTube! We stand together as YouTubers, and I urge @TeamYouTube to act quickly on this and get @AltcoinDailyio their channel back!”

Crypto Content Belongs To Blockchain Platforms

Altcoin Daily fans tagged Youtube in their replies and accused the platform of using a defective algorithm to flag down content that they think is violating its community standards.

“This is ridiculous. I’ve been following Altcoin daily for more than a year and they’ve been consistently diligent on the work they do. They never sold, solicited or did anything illegal on this channel. This is very absurd and ridiculous.”

They also brought Youtube’s attention to their recent stance that they are not liable for scammers’ activity on their platform. This rush decision directly contrasts the action they took against the platform while crypto scammers with as many as 55K subscribers are roaming free on the platform.


However, a certain a user thinks that the ban could be related to ICO-promotion activity which is illegal in the US:

“I believe I know the reason! You guys were promoting Bidao to your audience, which is largely based in Flag of United States. That ICO isn’t available for US customers. I assume this is the case because someone else had a video posted promoting Bidao and they themselves were terminated.”

The fans are now advising Altcoin Daily to move their crypto content to decentralized platforms where there is no “unfair censorship” and where such content rightly belongs. Popular decentralized platform LBRY even suggested that Altcoin Daily should create an account with them.

Altcoin Daily’s Youtube Channel is still deactivated at the time of writing this and Youtube’s only response doesn’t look too promising:

“Thanks for the tag – since you already submitted an appeal, you’ll just have to wait for the result via email. Learn more about channel terminations, including why it can happen.”