Yield App And Unstoppable Domains Join Forces To Offer Fully Customizable NFT Domains

Yield App And Unstoppable Domains Join Forces To Offer Fully Customizable NFT Domains

Yield App and Unstoppable Domains are excited to announce their partnership, allowing customers access to free, fully customizable NFT domains.

As per the announcement, the partnership will see Yield App wallets fully integrated with Unstoppable Domains, allowing users to link their wallets to their personalized NFT domain. Users will no longer need multiple crypto wallets and blockchains through this partnership. The Unstoppable Domain NFT domain will provide users with one simple and easily readable name that customers can use to send and receive over 275 coins and tokens. These domains serve as a user’s digital identity across the Web3 community. The Unstoppable Domain, unlike other Web3 domains, is owned for life, and users are not required to pay any registration or renewal fees.

Notably, as part of the integration, the two companies are offering Yield App Silver Tier members and above who have over 1000 of Yield Apps’s native token $YLD stakes a free $40 NFT domain, with Diamond Tier customers being offered an additional free domain worth $100. 

While commenting on the partnership, Adrien Geneste, the Chief Marketing Officer of Yield App, said:

“We’re thrilled to announce this partnership with Unstoppable Domains, which marks another step on our journey to make digital wealth management as effortless and secure as possible. The free NFT domains we are giving away in partnership with Unstoppable Domains will simplify their Web3 journey and underpin our commitment to continue adding value to our tier membership program. With the help of Unstoppable Domains, our customers can stake a claim on their Web3 identities and enjoy all the benefits this exciting space has to offer.”


Yield is a wealth platform and a global fintech company that has managed to gain over 80,000 since 2021. The company is designed to earn yields on digital assets through its intrusive web platform and mobile app. On the other hand, Unstoppable Domains is an NFT domain name producer created to onboard users into the Web3 era.

Adrien Geneste will be joining Phil Johnston, Unstoppable Domains’ Head of Europe, and Phil Johnston, Unstoppable Domain Business Leader, for an AMA session at 14:00 UTC on July 8, 2022. The AMA session will be held on Unstoppable Domains Twitter space to discuss more on their partnership.

Sajjad Rehman, Head of Europe at Unstoppable Domains, added:

“We are excited to be partnering with Yield App in enabling their mission of making earning opportunities accessible to all. The integration with Unstoppable Domains will simplify the crypto transactions for Yield App users and get them started on their journey into Web3.”