Yearn Finance Added to Cryptocurrency Reward Platform StormX

Yearn Finance Added to Cryptocurrency Reward Platform StormX

The popular online cryptocurrency micro-tasks and shopping rewards platform StormX has just added Yearn Finance (YFI) to its list of supported cryptocurrencies, allowing users to withdraw their micro-task reward and shopping cashback balance in YFI.

Launched in 2014, StormX was built with the aim of making cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyday individuals, by allowing them to earn a variety of cryptocurrencies as a reward for completing simple micro-tasks or shopping with any of the hundreds of StormX-approved online retailers.

Having gained more than 90% in the last 2 weeks and 380% in the last month, Yearn Finance is currently regarded as one of the most successful DeFi projects of 2020. YFI now joins other prominent cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and the native StormX (STMX) token on the platform. 

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Getting started with the app is a fairly simple process. After installing iOS or Android app, customers will then be able to access a variety of micro-tasks that are rewarded in bolts. These bolts can then be converted into any of the supported cryptocurrencies on the platform, allowing users to withdraw their balance in whichever cryptocurrency they choose. 

These tasks vary in the payment they offer, and users can earn rewards for watching videos, playing new games, testing new products and completing simple surveys. The available tasks are refreshed regularly, so there’s always something new to do to kill time and earn rewards during any downtime. 


In addition, StormX offers a simple cashback (also known as cryptoback) reward scheme that allows users to earn a fraction of their purchase amount back when they shop with the StormX plugin enabled. The platform currently works with hundreds of popular online retailers, including food delivery services like GrubHub and DoorDash, online electronics stores like Newegg and Microsoft, and online shopping platform eBay. 

Last month, StormX also added support for Walmart, allowing users to earn up to 4% cash back at the world’s largest retailer. Cashback rewards can be accessed by installing the StormX Chrome extension.

The platform has already racked up more than 2.5 million downloads of its mobile apps and has distributed several million dollars worth of cryptocurrency in rewards. StormX currently supports the withdrawal of STMX tokens to any ERC20 compatible wallet, whereas its other supported assets can either be withdrawn to a compatible external wallet or to the user’s linked Coinbase account—depending on the asset.