XT Exchange to Host Fabulous Easter Giveaways

XT Exchange to Host Fabulous Easter Giveaways

Easter is a highly celebrated traditional holiday in the West. The holiday occurs during Spring and often represents new beginnings. In retrospect of these celebrations, XT.Com will be hosting an event to appreciate its loyal community. 

This year, Easter will be on the 17th. However, the XT Easter celebration will run for seven days, starting on the 14th and ending on April 21st. Dubbed the Easter Festival 2022, the theme of the event will be Easter Eggs and will feature different activities, including:

  • XT Easter opening
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Easter lucky egg
  • XT Easter fest

Users can catch up on the Opening activity on social media platforms, mainly Discord, Twitter, and Telegram. First, there will be a quiz session that’ll be featured through the entire seven days of the XT.Com Easter Festival.

Youngsters aren’t left out too. They can participate in the Easter egg hunts activity and stand a chance to win $20 or $100 tokens, depending on whether they’ll be able to find the hidden eggs in linear numbers or not. The egg hunt will also run from April 14th to 16th. Participants will be required to follow the event on Twitter and visit XT.com to find the eggs.

During the Easter Lucky Egg, participants will be required to visit the XT Easter Eggs page and find the eight different colored eggs. It’ll be hosted from April 16th to 18, and prizes to be won are:

  • 1 ETH
  • 10,000 $Galaxy
  • 3,000 $XT
  • 3,000 $TP
  • 3,000 $XWC 

Lastly, there’ll be the XT Easter Feast from the 14th to the 28th of April and will be about trading competitions, and savings

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