XT.COM Announces The Listing Of SLEEPEE In Its Main Zone

XT.COM Announces The Listing Of SLEEPEE In Its Main Zone

XT.COM announced today the listing of SLEEPEE on its platform in the main zone introducing users to the sleep-to-earn mechanism.

As per the announcement, SLEEPEE now joins hundreds of tokens already listed on the XT.COM platform. The SLEEPEE/USDT trading platform became available for trading at 07:00 UTC on January 7, 2023.

SLEEPEE serves at the core of the Sleep Future project, the world’s first blockchain-based sleep wellness ecosystem. Sleep Future was created with the mission of improving the sleep quality and health of the global community.  The project introduces the first Sleep-to-earn mechanism that rewards users for their sleeping habits.

SLEEPEE is an ERC-20 utility token deployed on Ethereum but can also be available on BSC. SLEEPEE tokens have a dual objective of innovating sleep technology R&D and a real-world utility in the Sleep Future ecosystem. SLEEPEE tokens are used to purchase products and services such as SleepEdu, SleepDOC, SleepTown, and  Sleepee Store.

Users earn the SLEEPEE tokens for their interaction in the Sleep Future app. The app measure a user’s sleep quality and in turn provides a score based on the users, NON-REM sleep, REM sleep, and deep sleep. Users receive SLEEPT, in-game tokens (sleep points) which they can swap for SLEEPEE tokens. Every 100 SLEEPT is equivalent to a $1 SLEEPEE token.


SLEEPEE tokens can also be used for governance, allowing holders to vote on critical decisions on the Sleep Future ecosystem, The tokens can be staked to earn a yield. Staking large amounts enables token holders to open their SleepTown Franchise. This can either be done by co-owning with other members or having full ownership.

SLEEPEE now joins over 800 trading pairs on XT.COM that continue to grow since 2018. XT.COM is the world’s first socially infused training platform that covers a rich variety of trading categories. The platform has over 1M active monthly users with 6 million registered users. The trading platform also features an NFT aggregated marketplace to cater to its large user base.

Commenting on the listing, Albin Warin, CEO of XT.COM stated:

“We’re delighted to have SLEEPEE listed on our trading platform as it provides our users with quality projects to choose from for their investment portfolios. The company looks forward to cooperating with any other quality projects that also aim to improve the quality of life for their users.”

In the coming days, Sleep Future plans to launch many new developments, including a vendor management system, a SleepTown on the metaverse, and more.