XT.com Announces The Launch Of Its Hot Coin Zone, Vote and Win $15,000 In Airdrop

XT.com Announces The Launch Of Its Hot Coin Zone, Vote and Win $15,000 In Airdrop

The opening of its Hot Coin Zone has been announced by XT.com, the first trading platform for digital assets to incorporate social media. This announcement is a part of its strategy to increase the number of cryptocurrencies it will list starting in 2022 and continuing into later years. The Hot Coin Zone of XT.com will act as a primary zone on the exchange where all recently created and most popular cryptocurrencies (altcoins) will be onboarded to boost mainstream awareness of the projects by making smart crypto listing services available to more people.

XT.COM adds Hot Coin Zone

The goal of XT.com is to uncover more hot currency projects that have a larger user base and more liquidity. With the introduction of XT.com’s Hot Coin Zone, more projects will have access to a sizable user base through XT.com’s ecosystem and offer more varied utility. The inclusion of the Hot Coin Zone on XT.com demonstrates how far Web3 and metaverse have come since last year, since the crypto market is now seeing significant investment portfolios from all around the world.

Participants in the project’s Hot Coin Zone will be able to more easily and economically use XT.com’s other cryptocurrency services, including staking, saving, the XTStarter discount flash sale, and more.

Voting for Free Listing at the First Stop in Korea

With the intention of helping everyone who participates, the first activity for the Hot Coin Zone listing in Korea consists of great voting activities that start on July 14 and end on July 23. Korean projects SOMESING, Millimeter, DoDreamChain, Paycoin, and Locus Chain will be included to the voting list as the first part for Hot Coin Zone Voting.


Asset voting, Twitter voting, and Telegram voting, which each account for 50%, 25%, and 25% respectively, are all open to participation as of the scheduled day. The projects with the best overall scores from the voting will be listed for free in the Hot Coin Zone. It is important to note that those who use their own resources to cast a direct vote on XT.com will be eligible for rewards of 15,000 tokens.

Additionally, Hot Coin Zone Voting operations for Turkey and Vietnam may be anticipated in the coming days.


XT.com is committed to offering users the most secure, dependable, and hassle-free digital asset trading services by steadily extending its ecosystem. Our exchange was created out of the aim to provide everyone with access to digital assets, no matter where they may be.

XT.com, which was founded in 2018, today has over 4.5 million registered users, over 500,000+ monthly active users, and over 30+ million people overall. Our platform, which offers a wide range of trading categories and an NFT aggregated marketplace, aims to serve its sizable user base by giving them a safe, reliable, and simple trading experience.

As the first socially integrated digital asset trading platform in the world, XT.com also offers social networking platform-based transactions to increase user accessibility to our crypto services. Furthermore, user security is our main priority at XT.com in order to guarantee the highest level of data integrity and security.