XT.COM Announces Listing Of Bizverse’s BIVE Token In Its Main Zone

XT.COM Announces Listing Of Bizverse's BIVE Token In Its Main Zone

The BIVE token has been listed in XT.COM’s Main Zone, the first social-infused exchange in the world. Thanks to the new token listing, users can now trade BIVE on the XT trading platform without any hassle.

On October 13, 2022, at 08:00, the BIVE token listing is anticipated to start trading (UTC). As a result, it is advantageous for both the XT community and the BIVE users. The BIVE community can trade on a global platform with a large audience, whereas XT users can trade more effectively with newer tokens being listed. The fact that BIVE IDO sold out on XT in just 20 seconds is a good sign for Bizverse on XT.

The primary form of payment in the BIZVERSE ecosystem is the BIVE utility token, which can be used for a variety of transactions, including renting or leasing the vrExpo event management platform as well as purchasing, selling, and leasing real estate in the form of virtual malls.

Benefits of Staking BIVE Token

The BIVE token operates on the BNB Chain and is amenable to future multichain expansion. The token is a key component of the BIZVERSE ecosystem and has use cases that correspond to almost all ecosystem activities.

Additionally, BIVE users are allowed to participate in network governance. Voting is a one-way token owners and users can participate in system governance. They can assign the privilege to another player if they don’t want to vote.

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The token is a key component of the BIZVERSE ecosystem and has use cases that correspond to almost all ecosystem activities. The contactless economy runs the entire trading, exchange, trading, and mining industry in Bizverse. With the help of this real economy, users can conduct transactions in vrMalls, vrStores, and exhibitions. Users can make extra money using this new economic model by playing, watching, shopping, building, and more. Bizverse offers a complete virtual universe for business operations based on virtual reality and the cryptocurrency world, and all are flawlessly integrated into it.


BIZVERSE is a Metaverse and Digital Twin world that aims to create a contactless economy. It is an initiative defined by the idea of Meta Economy, which combines the Metaverse and Business worlds to create a virtual reality setting and true metaverse for conducting business.

Stores, booths, and billboards in the Bizverse world are presented as 3D models combined with VR360 thanks to advanced 3D & VR360 technologies, providing users with unique VR experiences and an unbiased picture of products. Users can even hire advertising billboards in the lobby to reach potential customers in both physical and virtual markets by inserting their sales pages and websites into the Bizverse environment.

Despite the decline in the cryptocurrency market, Bizverse has raised $4,500,000 in Seed and Private rounds from top venture capital firms. The project has now amassed 28,000,000+ comments, 200,000,000+ posts, and 300,000 active users on Bizverse Social.

Bizverse was selected to participate in the fourth accelerator program of Meta’s TTC Labs, along with six other startups that heavily focus on the metaverse and blockchain.


XT.COM is committed to offering users the most secure, dependable, and hassle-free digital asset trading services by steadily expanding its ecosystem. Everyone should have access to digital assets no matter where they are, which is why our exchange was created.

XT.COM, founded in 2018, has more than 40 million users in its ecosystem, over 500,000 monthly active users, and more than 6 million registered users. Our platform aims to serve its sizable user base by offering a safe, reliable, and simple trading experience while covering a wide range of trading categories and an NFT aggregated marketplace.

As the world’s first socially integrated digital asset trading platform, XT.COM also supports social networking platform-based transactions to increase the accessibility of our crypto services to users everywhere. Furthermore, our top priority at XT.COM is user security to guarantee optimal data integrity and security.