XRI (X Road Initiative) Listed On Coineal on July 23rd, Announces Launchpool On 26th

XRI (X Road Initiative) Listed On Coineal on July 23rd, Announces Launchpool On 26th

XRI(X Road Initiative) was listed on Coineal on July 23rd. They also announced that they will start the launchpool at the exchange on July 26th

What is XRI? 

XRI creates an exclusive metaverse (virtual space beyond reality) to realize an unparalleled world of new services and products. This is made possible with XRoad Oracle, decentralized storage, and XRoad Locker for user-based interop between the off-chain and off-line world. Smart contracts organically represent the supremacy of solitary data.

XRI platform information

XRI is a virtual space where blockchain technology and global data intersect. XRI provides the decentralized infrastructure necessary to serve as the interface between blockchain technology and data around the world.



Digital NFT (city, esports stadium, etc.)

Autonomous and decentralized business planning (DAO)

Different revenue models through different business methods that connect the real world and the virtual world

XRI system integration

The XRoad token, XRI, is used across the whole XRoad platform and is deplore to the competitiveness and success & growth of the platform.

XRoad Oracle

Oracle XRoad operators receive XRIs for processing correct data as well as maintaining and operating nodes.


To access and store XRDS data, you must pay for a transaction in XRI.

X-Road locker

Advertisers looking to target specific demographics should use XRI to buy traffic.

XRoad Oracle

XRoad Oracle successful and productive bridges the reach gap between off-chain data and blockchain smart contracts. It offers the possibility of interacting with online information sources and ultimately transmits this information to the blockchain.

  • XRoad Oracle does the most important work of verifying and authenticating data so that smart contracts can efficiently execute their logic.
  • The XRoad project starts with Oracle, which focuses on user data flows. The focus is on collecting user data from multiple online sources.
  • XRoad oracles extend across the blockchain network to include asset price, exchange rate, and weather temperature information that is needed for smart contracts.

XRoad Data Stream

The XRoad data feed is present on the official webpage.

XRoad carry a broad-spectrum of blockchain networks and is obligated to guarantee interoperability with all applicable cryptocurrencies.


・Official website: https://exroad.io/

・Telegram: https://t.me/xroad_initiative


・Twitter: https://twitter.com/xri_ltd_info/