XDC Coin Listed On The Kinesis Exchange

XDC Coin Listed On The Kinesis Exchange

Kinesis, a leading gold and silver-based monetary system, is happy to announce it has added the XDC coin to its platform.

Following the listing, XDC is now tradeable against eight fiat pairs, including EUR, GBP, and USD. The cryptocurrency is still tradable against Kinesis’s native gold and silver-based stable coins, KAG and KAU.

As per the announcement, XDC will also be spendable on the Kinesis Virtual Card alongside the existing pool of cryptos. The Virtual Card allows users to spend cryptocurrencies with instance conversion in real-time at over 46 million locations globally. XDC users can instantly trade their assets against physical gold or silver on the exchange to start earning a yield. In addition, XDC will be available to trade on Kinesis Pro, a professional cryptocurrency trading platform set to be released later this year.  

Commenting on the listing Billy Sebell, Executive Director at XDC Foundation, said:

“Congratulations to the Kinesis team on its integration with the XDC Network. We look forward to the next phase of cross-chain interoperability with the Kinesis blockchain, which will contribute to a robust and expandable blockchain ecosystem.”

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Notably, the token listing marks the first phase of the partnership between the XDC Foundation and Kinesis, which was formed in February 2022. The partnership will soon enter its second phase, which will see the development of an interoperable cross-chain bridge of Kinesis’s Stellar-based blockchain. This bridge will reportedly enable the transfer of assets seamlessly between two ecosystems.

The interoperability between Stellar and XDC will also help improve Kinesis’s blockchain infrastructure. This will enable KAU and KAG to be traded more efficiently across the ecosystem. Kinesis will continue leveraging the XDC Network’s scalable and secure blockchain to bring about a greater network expansion. 

The Chief Executive Officer at Kinesis, Thomas Coughlin, added Thomas Coughlin:

“We are thrilled to open up Kinesis users to the benefits of the thriving XDC Network and integrate their cutting-edge solutions with our system. By listing XDC on our Exchange, we can broaden our array of cryptocurrencies available to trade whilst further expanding the utility of our native gold and silver-backed tokens, KAU and KAG. The very concept of bridging two ecosystems of such robust infrastructure and shared principles of sustainability is what fuels our partnership at its core.”