Worthpad Makes Crowdfunding Easier Through Its IDO Launchpad

WorthPad: An investment Platform For Investors and Incubator for Entrepreneurs

Worthpad, a decentralized multichain DeFi platform, recently launched its IDO launchpad to help project owners raise funds for their project.

The Worth IDO Launchpad is a decentralized accelerator and incubation platform created to connect early-stage innovators and projects with $WORTH investors. The IDO launchpad is designed with three parts that help projects and startups during the different stages of their growth. These parts include the Worth Incubator, Worth Accelerator, and Worth Self-launcher. 

The Worth incubator is designed to help startups with the early stages of their projects. At this stage, the WorthPad team works closely with new projects providing them with expertise and advice on several processes, including tokenomics, audits, tokenomics, and more. The incubator allows the Worth team to assist the project in creating a minimal viable product (MVP) that can test the market. Note, once the MVP has been finalized, the project can proceed to the next step on the IDO launchpad, the Worth accelerator. Notably, Worth Incubator will distribute the tokens from IDO projects instead of services provided and capital invested to investors who stake $WORTH.

The worth accelerator provides a venue for projects to grow and scale up with additional capital. Through continued support and a working MVP, projects can set essential elements, including production, logistics, customer acquisition, and many others.

Finally, the project then proceeds to the worth self-launcher phase. This stage was designed for a project that sought the monetary support offered by Worthpad. However, to qualify, projects need to adhere to certain conditions, including milestone-based funding, vesting LP tokens contribution to Worth Insurance Treasury, and using Worth Smart Contract Foundry to develop and deploy smart contracts. The project will also have to be voted for approval by the Worth Community to receive the funding. 


Worthpad was created to make it easy for users to invest in DeFi and crypto-assets while at the same time providing easy access to the masses. The Worthpad ecosystem comprises six building blocks: Worth DVC Fund, Worth IDO Launchpad, Worth Smart Contract Foundry, Worth Insurance Treasury, and Worth DEX. 

By design, the platform has an automated liquidity generation smart contract that allows holders to earn tokens from IDOs launched on the Worthpad platform. These holders earn the tokens by staking $WORTH, the native tokens on the platform. In addition, through its Worth DVC Fund, holders can access various capacities of traditional venture capital within the DeFi space. 

In the coming year, the project plans to launch Worth Ethereum (ETH) IDO launchpad, a worth smart contract foundry for BSc, worth Polkadot IDO launchpad, and worth social platform, among many more developments.