World’s First Carbon-Neutral NFT Marketplace SAVAGE Announces IDO

World’s First Carbon-Neutral NFT Marketplace SAVAGE Announces IDO

SAVAGE, the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for 8K video and photography, plans to conduct its initial DEX offering (IDO) on FantomStarter and OccamRazer on Dec. 15, 2021. The event will make the platform more accessible to investors, the best photographers and filmmakers the industry has to offer, and creators of varying skill sets.

Other than its eco-friendliness, the platform is also the first community-driven and Hollywood-focused NFT marketplace on the Polygon proof-of-stake protocol. SAVAGE has been developed by a team of crypto and blockchain experts, entrepreneurs, and advisors with wide-ranging backgrounds having worked for National Geographic, Tesla, Amazon, Samsung, and Microsoft. SAVAGE is also backed by renowned creatives and leading venture capitalists, such as Faculty Group. All these features make SAVAGE well poised to bring shock waves in the stock footage industry, making it a monetizing place for a possible 7 billion creators.

Having reinforced its reputation of producing captivating content for top brands globally, SAVAGE is the next-gen media and content marketplace. The platform has even amassed a 12 million combined following on social media sites.

Luke Neumann, the CEO at SAVAGE said,

“SAVAGE will represent a paradigm shift in the way that professional content creators and photographers can monetize and share their work. Through our low-cost and high-throughput platform, we aim to disrupt the current stock image and video landscape.”


Notably, $SAVG is the native token for SAVAGE and it powers the carbon-neutral minting, buying, and selling of NFTs. With the creation of the SAVAGE DAO (decentralized autonomous community), the token will be used in digital rights management, in addition to being a governance token.

The upcoming public sale presents an opportunity for all who see potential in the platform, to invest $SAVG tokens. OccamRazer and FantomStarter have established partners of SAVAGE. OccamRazer or is Cardano’s first decentralized launchpad, while FantomStarter is an all-in-one crypto investment platform. The latter began enabling IDOs for all blockchains, and will soon advance to DeFi, NFTs, and DEX listings. The pair have a solid reputation, dedicated personnel, and the industry’s top experts, guaranteeing a successful and outstanding IDO event for SAVAGE.

Additional details regarding whitelisting and IDO participation are available on the project’s Medium account and social media platforms.

Previously, the SAVAGE team placed great effort in seeing SAVAGE through its oversubscribed private sale, and it is now proud to have prepared SAVAGE for the upcoming public sale. SAVAGE’S top three executives, Luke Neumann, Ben Weintraub, and Jesse Roos have the outstanding skills and experience necessary to see the project through.

Neumann served as a content director for prime brands such as Samsung, Amazon, and TCL among others. His filmmaking abilities have enabled him to develop a YouTube channel reaching 140,000 subscribers. Weintraub, CFO, has a degree in business administration, experience in production, and a mission to bridge creativity and finance. He has worked with Panasonic, Adobe, Universal, and many others. Roos, CMO, is a travel and adventure photographer who has worked with famed brands like Sony, Honda, and Outside Magazine to mention a few. His teamwork nature has forged strong and beneficial industry-wide relationships.