World Causecoin Token Debuts on P2PB2B

World Causecoin Token Debuts on P2PB2B

What is World Causecoin?

Cause Capitalism is the foundation of World Causecoin, a decentralized digital money. When a for-profit chooses to work with a non-profit as a true, long-term collaboration, it is referred to as Cause Capitalism. With a human face, this is a kinder, nicer form of capitalism.

World Causecoin will help share the world’s wealth by applying Cause Capitalism globally and prioritizing Africa. As a result, the gap between the haves and the have-nots will narrow. According to the idea, everyone should be able to meet their fundamental needs and have plenty. Non-profit partners receive 3% of each World Causecoin ($CAUSE) purchased or traded.

World Causecoin collaborates with hundreds of non-profit organizations across Africa to assist fund philanthropic projects.
$CAUSE is now looking for additional non-profit partners in Africa, particularly those focused on feeding the poor and elderly, providing medical supplies to community hospitals, improving Africans’ disposable incomes, and supporting environmental conservation.

What distinguishes it?

Participants can participate in the project, and transactions are decentralized as a result of this method, allowing people to be more than just users.

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Stable currency: To counteract crypto-dumping and whale trading, an anti-dumping and anti-whale algorithm will be deployed on World Causecoin’s native Blockchain. The balance between supply and demand will ensure stability. Please keep in mind that Causecoin is not a stablecoin.

World Causecoin uses blockchain technology to combine the transparency, decentralization, and immutability of the blockchain with the low transaction costs, fast throughput, and cross-chain interoperability of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

It will be backed by assets: World Causecoin is built on the Binance Smart Chain technology. The token, which will work in a range of areas including banking, food, and e-commerce, will be backed by cause companies. By accepting partial payments, Causecoin will establish an economic system for these businesses.

Verifiable and transparent: Because World Causecoin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, transparency is a vital feature. Causecoin is one of the most transparent cryptocurrencies on the market. BSC Scan gives you access to the transaction ledger of the coin.

Interoperability between chains: World Causecoin’s interoperability is based on the Binance Smart Chain. BSC features a system of 21 validators that uses Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus to provide quick block times and lower costs. Trust and Metamask wallets are both compatible with Causecoin.

Secure and safe: World Causecoin’s underlying technology, BSC, relies on Proof-of-Staked-Authority (PoSA) to ensure consensus without the usage of centralized authority. Decentralized currencies, in contrast to centralized currencies, have a distributed authority.