With 70% Of 2019 Gone, Can Bitcoin Still Revisit Its Historic 2017 High?

On The Way To New Highs: Corporate America Falls Head Over Heels For Bitcoin

This year has sped by like a breeze!

So much so that a lot of the action we all expected to happen in the crypto space hasn’t happened yet.

Does this mean that the year will end without some form of action where bitcoin prices are concerned?

Or are we to remain content with the sheer fact that we are out of crypto-winter (whew!)?

The Crypto-Space is Maturing

One great point to note is that the crypto-space is finally getting to the level where it is more about functionality than a novelty.


In other words, most of the gamblers which led the last market rally didn’t come back this time.

Hence the fact that we have far less volatility than before.

A substantial amount of the new market players are mainly institutions who have come to see how this new phenomenon can change the World.

So, that has helped crypto prices (especially Bitcoin’s) to remain relatively stable.

Bitcoin Miners are Wielding less Power

In 2017, we saw that the Bitcoin miners were the Kings of the hill.

They virtually dictated the pace of growth of the crypto space.

However, with substantial increases in the mining difficulty, many of the small fries have fled the crypto-verse.

Hopefully for good.

This created a gap which has since been filled by those who Bitcoin was meant for in the first place [the people!].

Retail use is rising for both spending purposes and investments.

This, of course, will lead to natural price increases, unlike the last time!

Bitcoin is Gaining Acceptance by Just About Everyone

We all know that cryptocurrencies are being adopted by everyone in the know.

This is changing the way the world works.

From Venezuela to Estonia, Bitcoin seems to be the order of the day.

In answer to the question of new action?

Yes absolutely!

But on a sustainable basis this time!

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