Will the new Gnox token (GNOX) stand up to giants like Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX)?

Will the new Gnox token (GNOX) stand up to giants like Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX)?

Two smart blockchains that are fast gaining ground on Ethereum and Binance are Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX). Both are currently just short of the top five blockchains ranked by market cap. All of these platforms are competing for dominance in DeFi and NFTs. It is quite possible that one or both of these blockchains will break into the top five by year’s end.

All of these highly capable blockchains were built to support DeFi platforms such as Uniswap, Pancake Swap, and Sushiswap where users can buy, sell and earn interest on their crypto via staking, lending, and yield farming. 

Both Solana and Avalanche are modern, fast, secure, censorship-resistant, low-cost, open-source, environmentally friendly blockchains. They’re both dedicated to providing decentralized financial solutions. Both easily rival offerings by Ethereum and Binance. But can they catch up?

AVAX and SOL are quickly gaining ground

As serious contenders, both AVAX and SOL offer the potential for life-changing gains in the coming years. Although they come with the higher risks of altcoins, greater risks often come with greater rewards. Both assets have a solid chance of outperforming ETH and BNB in the coming years. 

To give you some sense of the potential, ranked by market cap, Solana started 2021 in the 120th position. Before year’s end, SOL had overtaken heavy hitters such as Cardano and Polkadot to breach the top five. By mid-2022 SOL was up over 12,000%. Even with the recent big dip in crypto markets, SOL is still up about 150% year-over-year. AVAX has enjoyed a similar level of performance.


So does that mean you should invest in SOL or AVAX? And what about the DeFi projects on these blockchains? Are they high reward plays?

GNOX — the best of all worlds

A new DeFi platform called Gnox is offering crypto investors an exciting new idea called “yield farming as a service.” The idea is to level the playing field for new and inexperienced crypto investors as well as those with limited free time.

GNOX is a utility token running on the Binance Smart Chain. It’s the first DeFi earning protocol that offers crypto investors both potential asset appreciation and DeFi earnings — simply by holding the token. 

Traditional DeFi platforms require traders and investors to have gained a certain level of DeFi savvy to take advantage. But for new investors, these applications can be hard to get a handle on. 

The Gnox platform was developed to make DeFi earning simple and frictionless for entry-level investors. Anyone, regardless of their experience level and time commitment can earn passive rewards simply by buying and holding the token. 

Because the Gnox team does all the DeFi grunt work the platform provides every stakeholder with the exact same level of service without any extra knowledge or time commitment. 

How does Gnox work?

All Gnox investments are held in a treasury. Treasury funds are used to generate consistent, passive, monthly income using proven DeFi strategies. Returns are redistributed back to those who hold the GNOX token. Moreover, 1% of each network transaction is directly credited to all holders every 60 minutes. Gnox (GNOX) analysts also work to mitigate risk during turbulent market conditions. 

GNOX token presale started on May 12, 2022. Check out their website for more details and the project roadmap. 

Learn more about Gnox:

Join Presale: https://presale.gnox.io/register
Website: https://gnox.io
Telegram: https://t.me/gnoxfinancial
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/mnWbweQRJB
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gnox_io
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gnox.io/